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Polycom SoundStation2™ Avaya 2490

Remarkable Voice Quality. Avaya® DEFINITY® compatibility.

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For Avaya DEFINITY users, communicating with crystal clarity couldn't be easier. Just connect a SoundStation2 Avaya conference phone directly into a DEFINITY ECS digital wall jack. You don't need an analog port, analog adapter, or complicated connections to take advantage of natural two-way conversations with Polycom's breakthrough Acoustic Clarity Technology. Polycom's SoundStation2 product line has redefined the standard for business-quality voice conferencing. With industry-leading full duplex for natural, simultaneous two-way conversation, the SoundStation2 Avaya conference phone will exceed your expectations in medium to small conference rooms. Delivering remarkable voice quality equal to the original .SoundStation Premier® 500D/550D conference phone and a 50% increase in microphone sensitivity over the award-winning SoundStation, users can speak in a normal voice and be heard clearly up to ten feet away - making every call a more productive call.

SoundStation2 Avaya conference phone provides users with advanced features, including a large backlit display that offers easily visible call information and telephone functions. Smart technology, such as Dynamic Noise Reduction (DNR), provides maximum microphone sensitivity, while reducing distracting room and background noise. And the SoundStation2 Avaya conference phone offers 360-degree microphone coverage with ntelligent mixing - so only the microphone closest to the speaker is on for crystal clear conferencing. It also features technology that resists interference from mobile phones and other wireless devices, delivering clear communications with no distractions. Plus, the SoundStation2 Avaya conference phone provides direct access to your Avaya DEFINITY's conferencing feature, allowing quick and easy connections of up to six locations in a single conference call without using a conference bridging service.

Polycom SoundStation2™ Avaya 2490 Highlights

  • Direct Connection to Avaya DEFINITY PBX port
  • Acoustic Clarity Technology
  • Remarkable voice quality
  • Backlit LCD
  • Expandable with optional EX microphones
  • Easy to use and install

Polycom SoundStation2™ Avaya 2490 Benefits

  • More productive calls - Polycom's patented Acoustic Clarity Technology allows simultaneous, natural, free-flowing conversation
  • Hear and be heard clearly - Twice the loudness and microphone sensitivity of the original Polycom SoundStation eliminate ear strain and repetition
  • Resists interference from mobile phones - Clearer calls with no distracting noise from wireless devices
  • Backlit display provides important information - Displays console phone number, number called, duration/progress of call and supports worldwide Caller ID
  • Ability to increase coverage - Optional extension microphones expand coverage for larger conference rooms
  • DEFINITY ECS conferencing feature - Direct access to your Avaya DEFINITY's conferencing feature allows quick and easy connections of up to six* locations in a single conference call without using a conference bridging service

* Dependent upon DEFINITY ECS configuration.

Polycom SoundStation2™ Avaya 2490

Polycom SoundStation2™ Avaya 2490 Features

Polycom Acoustic Clarity Technology
Allows natural, interactive two-way conversations. Users don't have to wait for speakers on the far end to stop talking before breaking into a conversation. Users can speak in a normal voice and be heard clearly up to ten feet away from the console.

More productive calls
No need to repeat yourself.

Dynamic Noise Reduction (DNR)
Automatically reduces room background noise from fans, projectors, heating and air conditioning for clearer sound and more efficient conferencing.

Three cardioid microphones
Provides 360-degree coverage so that everybody in the room can be heard clearly.

Intelligent microphone mixing
Automatically selects the microphone closest to the person speaking, eliminating extraneous background noises.

Microphone expandability
Optional extension microphones increase coverage for larger size rooms.

Backlit graphical display
Convenient, easy access to important call information — phone number, number called and duration/progress of call.

Auxiliary Input/Output Jacks
2.5mm Applications Port*: Provides connection to other communication devices, such as mobile phone and computers for hands-free conferencing. The RCA jack: allows connections to other peripherals, such as an audio recorder or wireless lapel microphone.

Single-cord connection to phone console
Eliminates cable clutter on the tabletop

Direct Connection to Avaya DEFINITY PBX port
Eliminates the need for a separate 3rd party PBX adapter or for running a special analog line into the conference room and it allows users to invoke basic PBX features including Conference and Hold.

Polycom SoundStation2™ Avaya 2490 with Microphones

Improve the quality and increase the productivity of your next conference call with the Polycom SoundStation2 Avaya 2490. It's the conference phone you won't stop talking about! The new standard for everyday conferencing to access the power of Polycom unified collaborative communications solutions.

With the greatest breadth and depth of integrated video, voice, and Web solutions, only Polycom delivers the ultimate communications experience. Our market-leading conferencing and collaboration technologies, supported by world-class service, enable people and organizations to maximize their effectiveness and productivity. Add to that the most experience and proven best-practices in the industry, and it’s clear why Polycom has become the smart choice for organizations seeking a strategic advantage in a real-time world.

Our factory-trained sales and technical staff install and support Polycom audio conferencing projects across the country and around the world. IVCi provides clients with one point of contact for our audio conferencing sales, installation, service, management and support.

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