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ClearOne RAV 900

An Installed Conferencing System at a Tabletop Price.

ClearOne RAV 900 Award: 2004 Internet Telephony Product of the Year.

RAV (pronounced rave) is a complete, out-of-the-box audio conferencing system that includes an audio mixer, loudspeakers, microphones and a wireless control device. It can be used as a higher-quality alternative to premium and standard conference phones for stand-alone audio conferencing. It also easily connects to common rich-media devices, such as video or Webconferencing systems, for enhanced . audio performance.

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RAV offers many powerful audio processing technologies from ClearOne’s XAP product line without the need for complex and costly professional installation and programming. It features Gentner Distributed Echo Cancellation, noise cancellation, microphone gating and a drag-and-drop graphical user interface for easy system setup, control and management.

RAV 900 includes an audio mixer with an integrated telephone interface and amplifier, two Bose ceiling- or wall-mount speakers, a wireless control unit, RAV-Ware software, and three RAV microphone pods comprised of three microphones each to deliver optimal voice pickup in larger rooms and Ethernet control for remote management and configuration capabilities.

RAV 900 audio conferencing system uniquely combines the sound quality of a professionally installed audio system with the simplicity of a conference phone. This complete, out-of-the-box system is an easy and affordable way to provide audio conferencing capabilities to small and medium conference rooms. The RAV system can also be fully integrated with rich-media devices, such as video and webconferencing systems, for enhanced audio performance. In addition to conferencing, it allows single input connection to CD, DVD players, VCRs, etc. for playback over the system's speakers..

ClearOne RAV 900 microphone diagram.

With the RAV 900 system's superior audio quality sound distribution, your organization will achieve increased levels of collaboration and productivity that you've never experienced with premium or standard conferencing phones. The RAV system enables your organization to make decisions more quickly, share ideas more easily and interact with remote meeting participants in a way that feels like everyone is gathered around the same meeting room table.

RAV 900 Superior Audio Performance

  • Sound quality exceeds any conferencing phone on the market
  • ClearEffect loudspeaker technology provides high-fidelity audio to your conference.
  • Provides great audio for group conferencing with PC-based webconferencing and video conferencing systems.

RAV 900 Ease of Use

  • Centralizes operational functionality through wireless tabletop controller
  • Uses familiar user interface that resembles a standard phone
  • Control in a web-browser

RAV 900 Remote System Management

  • Enhances remote management of product configuration, monitoring and control via LAN or WAN.

RAV 900 Reduces Total Cost of Ownership

  • Ease of installation and operation provides lower cost and maintenance
  • Includes access to product innovation through remote upgrade capabilities
  • Maximizes customer and product support (2-year product warranty)

RAV 900

  • RAV Audio Mixer
  • Wireless Controller
  • RAV-Ware Software
  • Three Microphone Pods
  • Quick Start Guide and User Manual
  • Two Bose Loudspeakers (Ceiling or Wall-Mount)
ClearOne RAV 900 RAV 600 rear panel

RAV 900 Product Features

Audio Mixer: The heart of the RAV 900 audio conferencing system is the Audio Mixer, which provides audio processing to ensure audio quality for natural communication.This unit can be rack- or shelf-mounted.

  • Gentner Audio Quality: Includes Gentner Distributed Echo Cancellation and Noise Cancellation.
  • AV Control System Integration: Easily integrates with AMX/Crestron control systems.
  • Camera Control: When used with videoconferencing systems, Voice Tracking Mode allows camera presets to be triggered by microphone activation.

Tabletop Controller: The wireless controller provides an intuitive interface that emulates a telephone keypad.

Microphone Pods: Each microphone pod features three voiceactivated microphone elements for 360-degree pickup of speech audio and reduced background room noise and reverberation.

Bose Loudspeakers: Either a ceiling or a wall-mount loudspeaker option.

Rav-Ware Software

On those rare occasions when you need to customize the audio settings, RAV-Ware can configure a system via the built-in USB or Ethernet connection. RAV-Ware application software provides a drag-and-drop interface to customize the audio in your RAV audio conferencing system.

Device Toolbox: Select pre-configured audio settings for the most common auxiliary devices.

System Check: Simply run the System Check utility to verify all components of your RAV system are functioning properly.

Event Logging: Select and track events such as passwords, dialing, reboots and errors.The Event Log can be accessed through the network or the web interface.

Network Find: Easily connect to other RAV units on your network by entering the unique network name or IP address.

Firmware Upgrades:Take advantage of updates and enhancements to your RAV system through remote firmware upgrades.

RAV Wired Controller

The award-winning RAV premium conferencing system can now be ordered with a wired controller, or with the wireless controller that has been shipping with the product for some time. In response to customer requests, ClearOne developed a wired controller for those who want a solution that doesn't use batteries. The existing wireless controller uses four AAA batteries that typically last several months; the RAV wired controller draws power from the auto mixer and will never require battery replacement.

PDF File Icon  Click here for the ClearOne RAV 900/600 Data Sheet.

PDF File Icon  Click here for the ClearOne RAV 900/600 Pocket Guide.

PDF File Icon  Click here for the ClearOne RAV 900/600 User Manual.

PDF File Icon  Click here for the ClearOne RAV 900/600 Quick Start Guide.

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