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Polycom® Audio Conferencing

Your conference room phone is one of your most valuable collaboration assets. But even in a smaller or medium-sized room, audio conferencing calls are more productive and efficient when participants' voices are clear and crisp—even during simultaneous conversations. Only Polycom® Acoustic Clarity Technology delivers the best sound quality with impressive microphone range, to ensure that all your conference calls are loud and clear.

Wherever there's a phone line, from individual offices to the largest meeting rooms, a full-duplex Polycom® conference phone makes meeting over the phone effortless and natural.

From desktop to large integrated auditorium systems, from analog to digital to IP networks with multiple protocols, or from wired to wireless, Polycom has the right audio coneferencing solution to enhance any business communication need. Why waste time and money or even lose business due to poor phone technology when you could audio conference with confidence using a Polycom conference phone?

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Polycom® SoundStation® IP 7000

Astounding voice quality and clarity from the world's most advanced IP conference phone.

Polycom® SoundStation® IP 6000

Next-generation IP conference phone designed for small to midsize rooms.

Polycom® SoundStation® IP 4000

The clear SIP conferencing solution.

Polycom® SoundStation® VTX 1000

Remarkable voice quality. The new standard for everyday audio conferencing.

Polycom® SoundStation2™

The SoundStation2, Polycom's next generation conference phone redefines the standard for business quality voice conferencing.

Polycom® SoundStation2™ Avaya 2490

Remarkable voice quality. Avaya® DEFINITY® compatibility.

Polycom® SoundStation2™ Direct Connect Nortel

Remarkable voice quality. Nortel® Meridian® compatibility.

Polycom® SoundStation2W™

Polycom’s wireless conference phone that gives users the freedom to conference anywhere—even in rooms without phone lines.

Polycom® VoiceStation® 300

A less expensive multiperson conference phone. Ideal for offices or small conference rooms.

Polycom® VoiceStation® 500

Bluetooth-enabled voice conferencing designed for offices and small meeting spaces.

Polycom® QSX™ 2.0

The Polycom® QSX allows users to instantly share a live view of a computer screen with remote locations, simply by dialing a Polycom® conference phone. It's an easy and secure screen sharing solution that anyone can use. There's no need to learn new applications, upload documents, pay monthly service fees or handle pre-schedule challenges.

Polycom® SoundStructure™ C-Series

The first truly immersive audio experience for voice and video conferencing.

Polycom® SoundStructure™ SR12

The ideal solution for sound reinforcement.

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