Global Writes: Creative Expression meets Video Conferencing

April 8, 2011, by Adam Kaiser in Collaboration

In a recent press release IVCi showcased our work with Global Writes, a nonprofit organization whose mission is to promote literacy, communication and collaboration among young people through the integration of performing arts and technology resources.

The press release covered our donation of Managed Video Experience bridging time to Global Writes’ poetry slam.  But that is only half of the story.  The work that Global Writes is doing with students in schools throughout NY and the country is nothing short of awe inspiring. IVCi has had the privilege to work with this organization for many years to bring video conferencing technology to schools along with the training and curriculum development to make it succeed.

At the most recent TED Talk, Global Writes highlighted their work with these students.  The video profiles their methodology and ends with a live video performance from one of Global Writes’ poetry slam schools.  Check it out!

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Adam Kaiser, AVP, Marketing

Adam Kaiser is AVP, Corporate Marketing for IVCi and has five years of experience in the visual collaboration and audio visual industry. Adam has a particular interest in unified communications solutions and interoperability.

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