New Study Stresses Importance of Video at the Desktop

October 20, 2011, by nparker in Unified Communications, Video Conferencing

An Information Week survey of four hundred sixty-three business technology professionals found that desktop video conferencing plays an important role in business collaboration and unified communications.  Desktop video conferencing facilitates collaboration and reduces travel costs for those polled, and seeing the success of Skype for consumers has led to greater acceptance of video among business users.

IVCi is addressing the increasing use of video conferencing at the desktop in addition to mobile and conference room use by providing an easy way for all types of users to meet, and that is through its MVE service….MVE creates a seamless video experience, no matter what type of system is being used, no matter where that system may be located – and it is all done by professionals behind the scenes…

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New Study Stresses Importance of Video at the Desktop,

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