iPad Meets Audio Visual Integrated Room

June 13, 2012, by Adam Kaiser in Audio Visual Integration

iPads are everywhere! Enterprise. Education. Not-for-profit. The place I get burritos…

Due to the iPad explosion, more and more organizations are looking to create iPad  applications that can help run their business. IVCi’s team of AV gurus has taken it one step further, creating an iPad application that can actually run your conference room or boardroom. Through some clever programing and a deep understanding of AV technologies, it is now possible to control every aspect of an AV integrated room from the touch screen of the iPad. Need to adjust the lighting or shades? No problem!

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iPad Meets Audio Visual Integrated Room,

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  • What control equipment does this app integrate with? Crestron, Extron? Something else? Any details about making this available to the public at some point?

    My organization makes heavy use of Extron control equipment in AV rooms and I can definitely see this as a very useful and powerful tool!

    Thanks in advance for any additional information!

  • Hi Adam,

    The app is an extension of your control system, in this case it is running on a Crestron system. It can also be programmed for other platforms.

    Adam Kaiser