Why Video Calls Are So Much Better Than Audio Calls

January 2, 2014, by Lisa Avvocato in Tips & Tricks, Video Conferencing

The below video resonates with many people as most of us have been on one of those poorly run audio calls. Never knowing who is or isn’t on the call, the constant interruptions, and not knowing who is typing in the background distracting the rest of the group.

The good news is replacing these audio calls with video can solve a lot of those challenges.  Here’s how:

  • The Role Call:  Since everyone is on video you can easily see who is currently on the call, who just joined and who is missing. No more distracting bloop bloops!
  • The Annoying Background Noise:  The active speaker is automatically displayed in the bigger window so you’ll be easily able to see (and call out) who is distracting the group with their incessant typing or barking dog.
  • The Lack of Direction: Video allows you share content, like a nifty little agenda, so can quickly and easily see what has already been discussed and what still needs to be discussed.
  • The Sleeper: Some people think conference calls are a great time to catch up on lost sleep; while you can get away with this on audio those sheeps jumping over your head are a bit more noticeable on video.
  • The Exploder:  Ever have that one person who all of a sudden freaks out and starts yelling about something that was said? Well with video you can see when one of your colleague’s is starting to get antsy then you can either work to placate him or prepare yourself for said explosion.

So start switching your audio calls to video and enjoy being able to see your colleagues instead of just hear them!

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