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June 20, 2014, by Danielle Downs in Collaboration, Healthcare, Video Conferencing

Welcome to our bi-weekly recap of the week’s best articles surrounding collaboration.

Navigating the New Terrain

The Unified Communications industry is changing rapidly. Jim Burton, Founder and CEO, CT LLC and Co-Founder UCStrategies offers up some advice to enterprise customers, vendors, channel partners and consultants. Areas of focus include big data and how vendors will work or compete with Microsoft.

Blue skies: The future of collaboration

Despite a flurry of new technology releases over the last twenty years, many organizations have seen their collaboration technology investment fail to live up to expectations. Most technologies are disparate and expensive to deploy & maintain. The introduction of software APIs to many of these solutions may finally provide the promise of collaboration. WebRTC, for example, allows organizations to extend their investment to any one with a simple web browser.

Make Meetings Meaningful

Effective meetings are critical to the success of any organization, especially SMBs. They allow for improved communication and can allow a group of people to solve business challenges together. However, making those meetings effective can be challenging. Three areas to focus on include ensuring face to face communication whenever possible (live or video conferencing), being mindful of the time of day a meeting is to start (do not hold important meetings early), and keep meetings short and succinct.

Virtual house calls may help rural dementia patients and caregivers

Hundreds of millions of dollars are spent every year on nursing homes and other elder care facilities. These investments fail to take into account potential in-home solutions. “Tele-gerontology” has the potential to reduce the elder population’s reliance on these facilities while providing instant advice and council from the comfort of home.

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