How To Use Visual Collaboration Throughout The Buying Cycle

June 27, 2014, by Danielle Downs in Tips & Tricks, Unified Communications, Video Conferencing

Dynamic changes in technology and the immense amount of information online has shifted control of the buying cycle from the vendor to the customer. Due to this change, marketers and sales people must take responsibility for engaging customers throughout the entire buyers journey.

From initial outreach to close, it is important to gain awareness, prove value, and have relevant conversations with prospects. This can help to accelerate the buying process, create trust, and uncover new or other business opportunities. Using visual collaboration solutions to communicate with prospects and customers gives organizations the ability to create value and differentiate themselves from their competitors.

Check out our infographic to see how visual collaboration tools can be used throughout the different stages of the buying cycle.



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Danielle Downs, Digital Marketing & Social Media Manager

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