INFOGRAPHIC: 5 Reasons People Are Scared Of Video Conferencing

July 9, 2014, by Danielle Downs in Tips & Tricks, Video Conferencing

I can remember the first time that I used video conferencing and it was a nerve wracking experience. I was concerned about quite a few things including how to use the technology, what I looked like on camera, how I sounded, and if I was looking at the right place. However, after using video a few times I quickly became comfortable with communicating over video and realized how productive and effective video meetings were.

This resistance to new technology is very common among people, often due to fear of the unknown. However, when it comes to video conferencing this resistance appears to be deeper than just anxiety about new technology. These concerns range from typical technological concerns but also include psychological reasons. With video conferencing becoming increasingly more pervasive as a way to communicate and collaborate, it is important to understand what people fear about video and how to alleviate these worries.

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