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July 21, 2014, by Danielle Downs in Audio Visual Integration, Cloud Services, Video Conferencing

For the last year we have been working around the clock with the amazing Ranx Media to re-create our website site from the ground up. It was a major undertaking but we couldn’t be any prouder of the end product. So without further ado….Welcome to the new IVCi!!

We have redesigned our layout with style, ease of use and content delivery in mind. However, the re-build went deeper than that. We have created a site that is focused on being a resource and a guide for people exploring or learning about collaboration technology.

Besides the pretty new layout, here are some of the changes that we are particularly proud of:

Often when people are exploring a technology, they are unfamiliar with specific terms and topics. Therefore, a very important aspect of IVCi’s new site is the glossary. We have compiled a list of frequently used terms and definitions to help new and existing technology users to understand the key terms they may hear when discussing these technologies.

More informational content:
IVCi’s new site features a bunch of new content, inspired by our experience and created with education in mind. This content includes, how-to guides, white papers, data sheets, brochures, webinar recordings and an integrated blog that is focused on news, commentary, and insight around collaboration.

Categorical Improvements:
We have created the “Solutions” section on the site that is built with an emphasis on ease of navigation to help people find the information that they care about based on vertical and role.

Mobile friendly/Responsive design:
With this re-launch, IVCi’s new site is fully responsive. We know that many people are using their mobile devices and tablets more than ever, so it was very important for us to build a mobile friendly site.

We are very proud of this new site and we hope you take some time to look around. We can’t wait to hear what you think about it so please feel free to comment with any feedback you may have!

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