How Video Conferencing is Benefiting Human Resources

July 23, 2014, by Lindsey Ingram in Collaboration, Tips & Tricks, Use Cases, Video Conferencing

Video conferencing technology has certainly changed the way HR conducts business. One of the main ways being the recruiting process. HR representatives can now connect with people not only in another state, but even another country. With video collaboration, geographic barriers are eliminated and face-to-face meetings can be conducted regardless of the interviewee’s location. Utilizing video technology can save time and money while also being more productive by being able to interview a larger number of applicants more efficiently. Collaboration tools can help expand a company’s reach of candidates and build the best team possible regardless of their location. In fact, according to Polycom, 27 of the 100 best companies to work for have over 25% of employees outside the US. Video collaboration preserves the familiarity of face-to-face interaction for remotely dispersed teams who cannot meet in the same room.

Here are a couple other ways that HR teams can use and benefit from video conferencing.

Group Training & Learning Seminars
It can often be very difficult and time consuming to try to gather a large group of people together for training sessions, and traditionally if someone cannot attend then they miss out on the information being presented. With video conferencing, HR can efficiently conduct large-scale trainings by allowing employees to virtually attend the session from wherever they are located. Additionally, holding a group-training seminar over video, can allow companies to record the session and give employees who could not attend, the option to view the recorded session at a later time. Video training ensures that everyone receives important information and stays up to date on all company policies.

Major Announcements
Video conferencing becomes extremely beneficial when it comes to company interaction. When major announcements need to be distributed around the company, rather than just sending an email or requiring someone to travel to multiple locations to deliver important announcements or messages, video conferencing has made it easy to distribute a message across an entire company, and have it recorded for later access. This is not only more efficient, but it also keeps remote employees feel more engaged and allows for the feeling of face-to-face interaction.

Reducing Cost and Creating Flexibility
Did you know that video provides a 32% greater reduction in cost per hire? Rather than spending an excessive amount of money traveling to different locations for training sessions or interviews, video conferencing technology allows employees to have face-to-face interaction without the extra spend. It has also allowed many HR employees to save time and better adapt to scheduling changes. By using video, HR employees are able to expand their reach of candidates and have much more flexibility with scheduling and resource management.

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How Video Conferencing is Benefiting Human Resources,

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