5 Ways Video Conferencing Can Help Non-Profit Organizations

July 30, 2014, by Lindsey Ingram in Collaboration, Tips & Tricks, Use Cases, Video Conferencing

Video conferencing technology is rapidly changing how non-profit organizations run their programs, events and fundraisers. The growth of the video conferencing industry has allowed organizations to use video to reach out to a larger audience and interact with supporters and the public. Non-profit organizations are also able to use video to organize internal operations, such as volunteer training and keeping supporters involved.

Here are several ways that video conferencing is benefitting non-profit organizations:

Raise Funds and Awareness
It can be very difficult for small organizations to get their name out to the public, especially if they are competing against well-known larger non-profit’s. Video conferencing technology allows organization representatives to conduct webinars that demonstrate what the organization stands for and how it works to supporters and the public. This can also generate publicity at a much lower cost than putting on traditional events to get a name out. This method ultimately saves the organization money by allocating more money toward these virtual events rather than traveling expenses to advertise the organization. Creating webinar videos also allow the organization to be active online, including on social media outlets where people can share information with the click of a button and spread word quickly and efficiently. These online events and fundraisers can also allow people to donate online, and still interact with the organization and be a part of the event or fundraiser even if they cannot attend.

Spread the Word
With online video, organizations can reach out to the public in a more personal manner much easier than before. Non-profit’s can advertise themselves by using web seminars that give the public a closer look at the organization. This allows organizations to convey to supporters what they are doing and what their future goals are, giving folks an opportunity to see what their donations are being used for. With video conferencing technology, you can also keep supporters updated on new information about the organization and events. Using video also allows organizations to go mobile – creating apps that can allow people to donate to a non-profit easily.

Connect with Donors
Donors are an essential part of keeping a nonprofit organization up and running. Many donors usually have some sort of personal connection to an organization, and using video conferencing technology to keep that person connection maintained is key. Donating money to a non-profit organization is a very popular way that many supporters get involved. Those who donate play a very heavy role in the support of an organization, because without financial support, an organization cannot function at its fullest. However, there are some cases in which a donor does not have a face associated with their name. Video conferencing technology allows organizations to have face-to-face interactions with donors in order to make them feel engaged and let them know that their participation plays an important role in the organization, creating a special bond through personal connection.

Educate and Train Volunteers
It is important that volunteers are fully trained and equipped with the knowledge of the organization they are representing. If a volunteer is having trouble scheduling training sessions, volunteers can interact with a trainer via video conferencing or watch a previously recorded training session in order to gain the necessary education. Training volunteers is a crucial part of keeping a non-profit organization running, and having volunteers engage through video conferencing, webinars and online training sessions will ensure that volunteers are interacting with the organization and that they fully understand what the non-profit stands for and how it runs. If a volunteer does not understand his or her role in an organization, there is potential room for errors and misunderstandings.

Keep Supporters Involved
By being able to use video technology, you can connect with supporters on a more personal level by designing creative videos about the organization and any current announcements. Not only is it important for donors to feel involved, but for supporters as well. Supporters are very crucial to a non-profit organization, especially when spend a lot of their personal time doing volunteer work for a non-profit. However, many supporters may not know how the organization runs or what exactly their work is going towards. Webinars and even interactive video conferences allow supporters to connect with the organization’s managers and representatives to fully understand their role and how their efforts are being used. It also allows them to virtually interact with the organization to keep them aware of how the organization is doing.

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