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August 1, 2014, by Danielle Downs in AV Integration, Cloud Services, Industry News, Telework, Video Conferencing

Welcome to our bi-weekly recap of the week’s best articles surrounding collaboration.

Video Conferencing in the Cloud
Over the years, the business industry has adopted video conferencing as a viable and efficient means of communication-B2B and otherwise. There are a number of advantages that are apparent, but one of the foremost benefits of video conferencing is the reduced “face-to-face” time needed to travel and meet with prospective clients. Aside from that, adopting a cloud-based video conferencing can also trigger an increase in employee productivity, as well as create a portal for global communication.

How the Cloud has Revolutionized Video Conferencing for Business
Video conferencing is one of the best communication tools developed to date; it could be argued that the only form of communication that is better than video conferencing is talking to a person face-to-face. Video conferencing allows people to interact with one another no matter the distance between them; a person in Japan can easily talk face-to-face to someone in Canada easily through the virtual environment provided via video conferencing and the Internet.

4 Tips for Keeping It Real When Your Global Team Telecommutes
Perhaps the scarcest resource we all have to manage is our own attention, and it’s a simple truth that if people are not physically near each other, it’s easier for minds to wander. When minds wander, key pieces of the discussion can become less clear and plans can lose momentum. But hard does not equal impossible if you invest some time to organize things in a smart way.

The Rise of the Business Consumer Means IT Must Adapt
According to Gartner, Inc., IT leaders now have an unprecedented opportunity to help shape the working environment of a company due to the rise in the ‘business consumer’. Whilst once business and consumer technologies tended to be separate, these days people tend to take work home with them and consumer devices are increasingly encroaching on the workplace.

The Current State of Audiovisual Technology in Higher Education
Technology in education has a very high adoption rate. Audiovisual technologies, as well as other classroom enhancing technological initiatives, such as MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses), are literally changing the landscape for professors and administrators at colleges and universities around the country. For the sake of this article, however, we’ll limit the discussion to what currently works and what doesn’t work in higher education audiovisual technology.

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