How Video Conferencing Is Helping Customer Service

August 6, 2014, by Lindsey Ingram in Retail, Tips & Tricks, Use Cases, Video Conferencing

Everyone has experienced a less than ideal situation with customer services at some point in his or her lifetime. With video conferencing technology, many common customer service problems can be eliminated. Video technology has introduced a way for organizations to provide improved support, efficient customer service and increased customer satisfaction.

Below are different ways video conferencing technology is helping customer service departments.

Personalize Customer Service:
An important aspect of customer service is a personal connection with customers. Often customers feel a disconnect when speaking with customer service representatives over the phone due to a lack of face-to-face interaction. On some occasions the representative is not even a person, but a recorded voice, which can lead to frustration an inefficient support. With video conferencing, a customer service representative can connect with a customer face-to-face and work with them to find a solution to his or her problem. This often creates the feeling of being in-person and having a customer service representatives full attention while also creating a personal connection which can increase brand loyalty.

Share documents or apps:
A very common problem that causes miscommunications between customers and customer service representatives is the customer’s inability to directly describe the problem they are having. It is often difficult for the customer service representative to understand because they cannot directly see the problem themselves. By being able to share documents and apps, a customer service representative can help figure out a solution to a problem by seeing exactly what the customer sees. A representative can even sync with your computer to see what is on your screen. This makes it much easier for a customer service representative to figure out a solution to the problem or to put the customer in touch with someone who is able to handle the situation.

Increase productivity:
Often times customers can be very impatient when it comes to a customer service call. With video conferencing, representatives can speak face to face with the customer to find a solution to the problem in the most efficient way. This also allows them to increase productivity by helping more customers in less time. This type of communication makes it easier for customer service representatives to do their job and ensures that customers are able to get their problem solved in the most efficient way possible.

Ensure quality service:
It is important to have someone who knows the technology well to run the video conferencing technology for customer service departments. Customer service departments can train representatives to become experts on  video technology and how to  provide the best service possible for customers. With video technology, if a customer service representative does not know how to help a customer, they could immediately transfer them to someone who does, rather than go through a grapevine of people who just keep transferring the customer to someone else. This ensures that the customer gets the help that he or she needs without being dragged through the entire customer service department.

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How Video Conferencing Is Helping Customer Service,

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