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August 22, 2014, by Danielle Downs in Collaboration, Mobility, Use Cases, Video Conferencing

Welcome to our bi-weekly recap of the week’s best articles surrounding collaboration.

Collaboration Tools – Purpose-Built or Integrated, What’s Best?
Virtual collaboration is only as good as the tools used.  Originally achieved over stand-alone applications such as conference calls and messaging, we now see virtual collaborative tools integrated into other applications.  There are pros and cons to each approach; the question is really which one is better for your environment.

Avoiding the Four Major Mistakes of Video Conferencing
Video conferencing has changed the way we collaborate, with that said; make your meetings memorable, for the right reasons.  Remember to turn off applications not to be shared on your desktop, as well as a mirror check to put your best face forward.  Check out the humorous video for other video conferencing faux pas.

Reflections on Mobility and Collaboration
Many organizations struggle with effectively managing remote employees, and providing them with the right tools for productive collaboration.  Prior to selecting tool sets, it is crucial to define the requirements or use cases, as well as the IT support requirement.   Consider defining the business process, management tools, and collaboration features that will gain traction.

How To Destroy Your Video Strategy In One Step
With viewers of online video expected to double by 2016, the importance of online video for business is crucial.  Don’t miss out on the mobile market, videos should be created with mobile capabilities, as well as collaboration features to share, chat and link content.  Be sure to provide a call to action (CTA) for viewers to share their thoughts with the subject expert.

Collaborative Decision Environments Unleash Innovation in Manufacturing
Collaborative Decision Environments (CDEs) integrate audio, video and content sharing technologies through business processes; such as marketing through factory operations.   The CDE consists of a complete suite of collaborative tools, with features like virtual meeting rooms, live chats, data analysis, meeting recording, and document automation capabilities.

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