Telepsychiatry Provides Mental Health Services to Those in Need

According to a recent NY Times Podcast interview with executives from a telehealth company, people who require immediate psychiatric help are receiving it thanks to a telehealth service called telepsychiatry. A variety of health care organizations ranging from hospitals to community mental health centers that have difficulty finding person-to-person psychiatrists in their area use telepsychiatry to see patients they would otherwise not have had access to.

Telepsychiatry utilizes high definition video conferencing equipment and other immersive technology to create an intimate experience that can replicate a one-on-one consultation in a doctor’s office. Patients who are treated in this manner report that meeting with the doctor over video instead of in person is not a detriment to the quality of care received.

Why You Need Cloud-Based Services

Interesting WSJ article about the growing popularity of cloud computing and cloud-based services. This business model reminds us of our managed services offering – why invest in all of the infrastructure, personnel, and expertise that are required to successfully manage your own multipoint video calls when a company like IVCi can do this for you – from the cloud?

Excerpt:  With cloud computing you can mobilize IT resources quickly so that “you’re able to more rapidly deploy infrastructure and applications and to scale-up horizontally. That ability to be able to rapidly provision is really meaningful in terms of expediting speed to market.”

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