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Welcome to our bi-weekly recap of the week’s best articles surrounding collaboration. Cisco Debuts ‘Project Squared’ Collaboration App The company hopes ease of use and broad integration with the elements of collaboration will drive consumer/BYOD-style adoption by users. The app’s name comes from Rowan Trollope’s edict to his team that the product they were developing had to be not just a little better than existing collaboration apps, but an order of magnitude better. The other crucial imperative was not to create another island of collaboration, but to integrate with the existing tools a user has, to make the whole thing work better. Polycom’s …

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STEP – Sustainable Technology Environments Program was created in 2009 by Infocomm, to be an ecofriendly A/V program, aimed at creating and adding to the informational database of green audio video technologies and best practices.  STEP brings sustainability to the process of planning, designing and operating technology systems while reducing the long term environmental impact from technology.   It does this by providing standards for manufacturers, integrators, architects and consultants to create green sustainable technology systems.   STEP accounts for the energy consumption of information technologies systems and the reduction of raw materials.  It also encourages the use of technologies to make …

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Audio Considerations for Your AV Room

November 5, 2014, by Adam Kaiser in AV Integration

For AV build outs, the A is certainly just as, if not more, important than the V. Audio can make or break a collaboration environment; creating an experience that provides rich audio to local and remote participants or serving to make meetings impossible to conduct when no one can hear each other or audio from other sources is muffled or difficult to understand. There are a lot of considerations to take into account on the audio side when designing and implementing your room. An AV solution provider should be able to provide you with the expertise needed to ensure the smoothest …

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We’ve all heard the infamous saying that first impressions are everything, we refer to this saying in multiple aspects of our life; social, career even materialistic objects, or places.  Let’s apply this expression to your business, more importantly your conference room.  So what kind of impression does your conference room make?  Is it the kind that gives your customers the impression you are cutting edge, or the kind that makes your customers question whether or not your business is up to date? Here are five signs it’s time to make a better impression, and upgrade your conference room; Do you use a …

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Shopping for AV Control System Programming

October 10, 2014, by Adam Kaiser in AV Integration

At the heart of any audio visual integrated room or environment is likely a control system that facilitates both the communication between multiple A/V technologies as well as the interface to the end user. Control system platforms from vendors such as AMX and Crestron are continuously evolving and providing new features and functionality. One area that continues to be required, however, is the need to program these platforms to the specific room they are utilized in. Understanding the nuances of control system programming can be rather complex for the user evaluating a new AV solution and even more, how do you …

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Creating content for digital signage can be a fun, creative process that lets you experiment with various graphic design elements including color, text, and layout. However, it is important to remember that the end goal of any digital signage is to inform people or get them to do something. Therefore when designing content it is important to remember your audience and follow the rule that form always follows function. Understanding certain design elements will help you to create a successful digital experience that highlights your brand and set your organization apart. BOLD GRAPHICS When designing your content you want to ensure that …

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Welcome to our bi-weekly recap of the week’s best articles surrounding collaboration.  3 Ways to Create a Productive Virtual Work Environment As online collaboration tools become increasingly sophisticated, a growing number of virtual companies are learning to take advantage of the global talent marketplace. However, managing a virtual company requires a different mindset — both for employees and employers. Delivering Better Transportation Solutions In a Connected World With Cisco IoE Many transportation systems have been in place for decades.  And, as more and more connections are needed, consolidating these aging and disparate proprietary networks into a single, more powerful IP network that supports the demand …

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The Consumerization of Audio Visual

September 15, 2014, by Adam Kaiser in AV Integration

As organizations continue to deploy new collaboration spaces such as audio visual integrated rooms and huddle spaces, there is an emerging trend around the consumerization of these offerings. But what does that mean exactly? The IT world has seen more and more users bringing consumer devices to work and even using consumer based services to get their job done (file sharing, video conferencing, etc). A similar trend is starting to occur on the AV side. Users are taking those same consumer video devices and bringing them into the conference room and using them to drive meetings. Further, some organizations have taken simple …

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Audio Visual Buyer’s Guide

September 8, 2014, by Adam Kaiser in AV Integration

Walk into any conference room and you are sure to find multi-media technology set up to facilitate collaboration. Whether a meeting is held face-to-face or a via web/video conference, the need to easily access and display electronic information is critical to a meeting’s success. Building a new audio visual integrated room (whether it be a conference room, training facility, monitoring center or something else) can be an in-depth process that requires a lot of areas to be reviewed. Our new Audio Visual Buyer’s Guide is designed to help you understand all of the technical, environmental and user components that should be taken into account when …

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Welcome to our bi-weekly recap of the week’s best articles surrounding collaboration. The Dotted Line Required for Social Business Success As leaders embrace the importance of culture and community in building a brand the focus and value of a brand is now shifted to the place it’s supposed to be, the people! The word “Social” in social business is the major change that leaders and brands must embrace which means a new focus must be made on improving who, how and why we communicate. Best practice tips for video interviewing HR professionals know better than most that we are seeing significant changes in the …

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