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The Consumerization of Audio Visual

September 15, 2014, by Adam Kaiser in AV Integration

As organizations continue to deploy new collaboration spaces such as audio visual integrated rooms and huddle spaces, there is an emerging trend around the consumerization of these offerings. But what does that mean exactly? The IT world has seen more and more users bringing consumer devices to work and even using consumer based services to get their job done (file sharing, video conferencing, etc). A similar trend is starting to occur on the AV side. Users are taking those same consumer video devices and bringing them into the conference room and using them to drive meetings. Further, some organizations have taken simple …

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Audio Visual Buyer’s Guide

September 8, 2014, by Adam Kaiser in AV Integration

Walk into any conference room and you are sure to find multi-media technology set up to facilitate collaboration. Whether a meeting is held face-to-face or a via web/video conference, the need to easily access and display electronic information is critical to a meeting’s success. Building a new audio visual integrated room (whether it be a conference room, training facility, monitoring center or something else) can be an in-depth process that requires a lot of areas to be reviewed. Our new Audio Visual Buyer’s Guide is designed to help you understand all of the technical, environmental and user components that should be taken into account when …

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Welcome to our bi-weekly recap of the week’s best articles surrounding collaboration. The Dotted Line Required for Social Business Success As leaders embrace the importance of culture and community in building a brand the focus and value of a brand is now shifted to the place it’s supposed to be, the people! The word “Social” in social business is the major change that leaders and brands must embrace which means a new focus must be made on improving who, how and why we communicate. Best practice tips for video interviewing HR professionals know better than most that we are seeing significant changes in the …

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Audio visual (AV) integration creates a meeting space that facilitates collaboration and interactivity among participants. The seamless combination of different AV technologies and tools provides an environment customized for effective brainstorming and sharing ideas; thereby enhancing creativity and decision making. As a result, many organizations are opting to install AV rooms to help drive innovation. The plethora of decisions, including technology and room layouts, that are involved with integrating a room can be challenging for organizations that are investing in AV integration for the first time. To help make the decision making easier, check out our infographic where we have outlined the …

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Interactive whiteboards have become increasingly popular over the last few years, and the technology behind these tools continues to evolve. For some who may be unfamiliar with interactive whiteboards, they come in several flavours.  They can be a large whiteboard that is connected to a computer and a projector. The projector casts the computer’s desktop on to the display where the user can then control the computer using a pen, finger, stylus, or other specialized writing device. In other cases the whiteboard technology is built into a flat panel display, generally up to 70 or 80 inches. Users interact directly on …

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Every few years it seems a new technology comes along that claims it will revolutionize audio visual technology. The most recent on the video side is the proliferation of 4K video. But is this new technology simply a fad or something that has the potential to make a real impact? What is 4K? 4K is the next step in video resolution and represents four times the amount of pixels currently offered in 1080p displays. 1080p technology is widely used in both consumer and professional markets. In fact, one can walk into a store and for a few hundred dollars purchase a quality display …

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Welcome to our bi-weekly recap of the week’s best articles surrounding collaboration. Video Conferencing in the Cloud Over the years, the business industry has adopted video conferencing as a viable and efficient means of communication-B2B and otherwise. There are a number of advantages that are apparent, but one of the foremost benefits of video conferencing is the reduced “face-to-face” time needed to travel and meet with prospective clients. Aside from that, adopting a cloud-based video conferencing can also trigger an increase in employee productivity, as well as create a portal for global communication. How the Cloud has Revolutionized Video Conferencing for Business Video conferencing …

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When designing a new collaborative workspace (whether it be a complicated conference room or a small huddle room), there are a lot of considerations to take into account. These can range from the acoustics of the room, the current lighting as well as considerations around what control system to leverage, what display brand, and how to program all of the devices to work seamlessly together. Many organizations choose to “go it alone” when it comes to their AV setups. This might involve internal team members designing rooms and doing the install work. It may also include getting programmers up to speed …

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What is Audio Visual Integration?

August 31, 2012, by Adam Kaiser in AV Integration

The term “audio visual integration” is used quite a bit by organizations (including IVCi!) to describe the work that they do. The term is well known within the “industry” and customers may even use the term to describe a potential project, but what does it really mean? When thinking about the term, one has to look at the application of the technology within a particular business or organization. What are you attempting to accomplish within the room? It might be as simple as wanting to have a display that you can hook your laptop up to and present slides. Or maybe …

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