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    InfoComm is the largest professional AV trade show in North America, featuring the latest technologies for audio, video, display, projection, lighting and staging, digital signage, conferencing, digital content creation, networking, signal distribution and much more.  Our team at IVCi has been attending Infocomm and demonstrating new technologies for over a decade.  This year we showcased our new and powerful enhancements to our service offering.   We also gave away a Galaxy 4 Tablet and a free trial of our Cloud Service. Have you ever been in need of technical assistants and wished the Tech helping you could be in the same room …

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Have you ever wished for help to pop up right when you needed it? IVCi’s new LiveAssist mobile program is a customer interaction solution providing seamless connectivity from customers to enterprises anywhere and anytime.  It allows customers to conveniently contact representatives via high definition video and voice with a single click over the web. This superior service can be used from any device forming better relationships and exceeding customer expectations.  The application includes features such as screen sharing with co-browsing and annotation activities allowing for an unparalleled customer experience. Imagine receiving virtual help from a customer representative all with one simple …

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Cisco & IVCi revealed a collaboration service at Enterprise Connect 2015, created from customer and partner feedback allowing simpler collaboration and connecting teams. Cisco Spark will enable IVCi to leverage the company’s global infrastructure and create new services. The new offering gives solution provider ways to better analyze customer data while saving money.  The team collaboration service creates virtual rooms allowing hundreds of participants to share files, messages, conference calls and video calls with each other and store them on the web or an app. Chris Böttger our Senior Vice president of Collaboration Services told Channelnomics that “a financial benefit the …

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UC as a Service vs. On Premise

October 22, 2014, by Adam Kaiser in Cisco, Unified Communications

It’s a classic technology debate. The decision to implement a new technology solution as an on-premise deployment or move to a cloud delivered service offered by a service provider. This debate rages on nearly all technology decisions from email implementations to video conferencing and collaboration solutions. For most organizations, Unified Communications implementations include mission critical functions such as voice calling. The decision to move to a cloud consumption model has a lot of areas to consider. Questions around reliability are always raised with cloud services (and in most cases easily addressed) as well as security and the availability of features. Let’s take …

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Last week, Cisco announced three new personal collaboration tools at CiscoLive! 2014.  These products are a follow up to the announcements Cisco made at Enterprise Connect earlier this year. Cisco said they wanted to make collaboration simple along with “connect and empower people to engage and accelerate business innovation.” These three new products do just that. The Android-based DX70 and DX80 desktop collaboration devices are redefining how colleagues work and interact by providing access to all the top collaboration tools and applications. The large screens are operated by touch and can provide high-definition audio and video. Plus, the Andriod operating system allows 3rd …

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For those who have been watching the collaboration industry closely it is hard to not see a multitude of articles and announcements that discuss WebRTC and the latest product to feature the technology. We have blogged extensively about WebRTC in the past but, in short, WebRTC is a web browser standard that enables real-time audio and video directly in the browser without the need for plugins. The standard is still being developed and has not been completely “ratified” by the governing bodies that ensure web based standards are, well, standard. Browser support is not universal (Chrome, Firefox & Opera support …

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See Social Media From A New Perspective

February 28, 2014, by Lisa Avvocato in Cisco

Social media and content marketing are two of the hottest trends in marketing today. Not only can consumers interact with brands and products in an informal setting, they can conduct research, connect with other users and provide both positive and negative feedback and experiences. Unfortunately, this produces a significant amount of data, Big Data as it’s come to be known, which can be extremely difficult to monitor and track. The ability to organize, prioritize and ultimately analyze this data in a visualized manner can provide tremendous advantages for organizations including valuable insight into trends that may otherwise remain undiscovered. This also …

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Endpoint Evolution: The Cisco MX300 G2

February 5, 2014, by Adam Kaiser in Cisco, Video Conferencing

When it comes to video conferencing everyone seems to be talking cloud based services and mobility. These are certainly the big trends of the moment but it is important to remember that room based collaboration is not going away. Colleagues still want the ability to grab a conference room and initiate both local collaboration sessions as well as connect to remote participants via video. Back in October at the Cisco Collaboration Summit, several announcements were made regarding Cisco’s video portfolio. The overarching theme was to make collaboration simple. One of the hardware solutions announced was the MX300 G2. This solution is …

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Video Enabled Supply Chain Drives Retail Growth

September 12, 2013, by Lisa Avvocato in Cisco, Telepresence

The benefits of visual collaboration are expansive and cross just about every job function and industry. European retail giant Kingfisher recently sat down for a Cisco case study to discuss how collaboration technologies have helped overcome challenges in their supply chain,  improving profitability and shortening product development cycles. One of the biggest challenges Kingfisher faced was how to connect direct sourcing suppliers located in Asia, with buyers and quality control teams located in Europe.  Not only was travel time consuming and expensive, the entire product design process was lengthy and cumbersome as people had to physically handle product prototypes, artwork or …

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With the next generation of executives taking control over established companies, new changes are bound to arise. The 2013 Cisco Global Young Executives’ Video Attitudes Survey shows that many of these new managers are interested in video collaboration and plan on incorporating it into their business or company. Many new managers understand the benefits video can provide for their company, and some will not even consider working with other companies unless they use it as a tool. The convenience of video conferencing is something that many young executives and managers are taking advantage of because it allows participants to read visual …

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