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Using Goals to Inspire Better Performance

May 31, 2012, by Lisa Avvocato in Collaboration

Video conferencing benefits managers of remote workers in several ways, including strengthening relationship through face-to-face communications. But what are some other ways managers can use video to increase motivation among geographical dispersed teams? Collaborative goal setting. Participation in the goal setting process increases both employee commitment and goal attainment as employees accept greater ownership and responsibility. During this process, managers should make sure goals and incentives are aligned with the firm’s overall mission and goals. For example, paying a bonus based on quantity of work produced is counterproductive if the firm’s goals are based on quality of work produced. After goals have been set, managers should …

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Build Your Own Team of Avengers

May 30, 2012, by Lisa Avvocato in Collaboration

We’ve all heard the famous story of Mike Smith and Dick Rowe who turned down the Beatles because “four-piece groups with guitars are finished.” This was probably one of the worst business decisions in history and today’s executives are doing everything in their power to avoid the same demise. There are several secrets to successful decisions but teamwork and collaboration seem to be the most talked about.   But does teamwork guarantee success? Of course not, it can simply improve the chances for success if done properly.  So what makes a good team?  Member Diversity: It wouldn’t have mattered if Smith and Rowe had three …

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Dr. Steven Hacker has begun to use a new robotic telemedicine system for his patients. Using this robotic technology, dermatology patients in Palm Beach County can communicate with him during emergencies even if he is present in a remote location.

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IVCi recently completed a large-scale video conferencing and audio visual integration project for a client located across the country from its corporate headquarters in Long Island, New York.  Although IVCi has offices throughout the US, members of the management team are headquartered at the New York location. During the project the SVP of AV integration took several tours of the project while it was a work in progress – he did not, however, leave his Long Island headquarters. How did the SVP accomplish this? VGo! VGo is a telepresence robot that is mobile – a remote control allows the user to control …

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In the business world, the ability to read others is essential for success. Winning a deal, managing a staff, or negotiating a contract requires insight into how the other parties are thinking. To influence others, we must gain their confidence and cater our message carefully based on verbal and non-verbal cues we receive. Often we are only as effective as the tools that are available to us for communicating. When visual cues are missing, as is the case in an audio conference that lacks interactive video conferencing, we can lose up to 80% of what is communicated to us through …

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A newly implemented video conferencing and managed service solution provided by IVCi has increased the use of video meetings throughout the organization. By Nina Parker The Challenge Known for its efficient heating and cooling products, a leading manufacturer of cooling and heating products wanted to apply the same efficiency principal to collaboration among its many corporate locations. The company decided to implement a video conferencing solution to increase communication among its divisions and reduce travel time and expenses. Video was initially installed in five locations across the U.S, including the company’s corporate headquarters. At first, the video solution was not widely adopted within the …

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In a recent press release IVCi showcased our work with Global Writes, a nonprofit organization whose mission is to promote literacy, communication and collaboration among young people through the integration of performing arts and technology resources. The press release covered our donation of Managed Video Experience bridging time to Global Writes’ poetry slam.  But that is only half of the story.  The work that Global Writes is doing with students in schools throughout NY and the country is nothing short of awe inspiring. IVCi has had the privilege to work with this organization for many years to bring video conferencing technology …

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