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INFOGRAPHIC: Elves Using Telemedicine

December 22, 2014, by Danielle Downs in Healthcare, Infographics

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Part of the magic of the holiday season is that people of all faiths get time to gather with family and friends to spend time together, enjoy great food and exchange gifts. For those who celebrate Christmas, Santa and his Elves are hard at work to bring gifts and joy to the world over. This process is not without its challenges, as Elves can get slowed down by illness and their gift production metrics drop! Thanks to the miracle of modern technology, Santa can now utilize telemedicine and remote health technology to keep …

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As the use of visual collaboration technologies continues to grow, many organizations are turning to analytics to help manage, plan and optimize their video environment. Analytics help provide insight into different trends that might otherwise remain hidden allowing businesses to make smarter decisions and optimize their performance. For example, at a quarterly review one company noticed that usage of a previously high-demand system completely dropped off. After investigation, it turned out that an entire business unit was relocated leaving the video system dormant. They were able to ship that system to a different location and usage returned to normal. This is just …

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From healthcare and education to small business and the enterprise, organizations across the globe are beginning to embrace new technologies that are designed to help them reduce their carbon footprint. Not only are these socially responsible decisions good for our environment, they are also good for your financial bottom line. Video conferencing is often an ideal solution for businesses of all sizes looking to enhance collaboration within their organization. How can your business reduce their carbon footprint and benefit from implementing video conferencing? The infographic below explores some of those ways and how video conferencing can assist with “going green”.

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Being successful in the market today is very closely related to how well retailers are responding to evolving technology and customer needs. Likewise, how retailers implement these technologies today will play an important role in how they accommodate future technology demands. The retail industry is full of amazing use cases for collaboration technology. The Infographic below explores some of the latest trends in technology used in retail and the types of solutions being utilized. If you’re interested in learning more about collaboration trends in retail and how IVCi can help you implement those technologies, tweet us @IVCiLLC or click here to send us an email.

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As advances in technology have made remote healthcare and treatment more accessible, the question of insurance reimbursement for these services continues to be top of mind. In 2012, we featured a post regarding telemedicine reimbursement. In the 18 months since that post was published significant progress has been made in the area. When looking at reimbursement it is important to understand what types of programs and institutions are eligible and what that truly means. At its very core, reimbursement in the telemedicine world requires insurance companies to pay the same fee for telemedicine services that would otherwise be covered with an in-person …

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Advancements in video conferencing technology have continued to propel its usage and adoption. Cost of ownership along with different interoperability barriers have decreased while ease of use and scalability have increased.  It’s no wonder that 76% of respondents in a recent survey conducted by Polycom and Redshift Research say they use video solutions at work today while 56% of those users participate in at least one call per week. Video conferencing is quickly becoming the “go to” tool in business today. Check out the infographic below for other interesting facts from the survey including top dos and don’ts during video calls.

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