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Everyone has experienced a less than ideal situation with customer services at some point in his or her lifetime. With video conferencing technology, many common customer service problems can be eliminated. Video technology has introduced a way for organizations to provide improved support, efficient customer service and increased customer satisfaction. Below are different ways video conferencing technology is helping customer service departments. Personalize Customer Service: An important aspect of customer service is a personal connection with customers. Often customers feel a disconnect when speaking with customer service representatives over the phone due to a lack of face-to-face interaction. On some occasions the representative …

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Being successful in the market today is very closely related to how well retailers are responding to evolving technology and customer needs. Likewise, how retailers implement these technologies today will play an important role in how they accommodate future technology demands. The retail industry is full of amazing use cases for collaboration technology. The Infographic below explores some of the latest trends in technology used in retail and the types of solutions being utilized. If you’re interested in learning more about collaboration trends in retail and how IVCi can help you implement those technologies, tweet us @IVCiLLC or click here to send us an email.

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