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Welcome to our bi-weekly recap of the week’s best articles surrounding collaboration.  Seven tips for improving your remote meetings The way teams work and collaborate is changing. Consulting, remote workforces and outsourcing are all on the rise. Even if you operate a team that is technically based in the same physical office, it’s becoming more and more common that your clients prefer to communicate in a virtual manner instead of in person due to time constraints. This article includes seven strategies and techniques that will make your next virtual meeting just as effective as its in-person counterpart. How Video Conferencing is More Effective …

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With the advancement of technology and the many collaboration tools on the market today, people really can work from anywhere, anytime, and from any device. Due to these advancements and the potential benefits of telecommuting, many organizations are looking at implementing telework policies for their employees. Here are some of the reasons that companies should look in to implementing telework programs: Recruit the best employees, regardless of their location: Every organization is looking for the best and brightest candidates to bring to their team. Allowing employees to work remotely helps widen the talent pool and find great employees regardless of where they are located. …

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Welcome to our bi-weekly recap of the week’s best articles surrounding collaboration. What’s Standards-Based Video Conferencing Anyway? “Are you currently set up with some sort of standards-based system for video conferencing?” The question itself exemplifies the inability of current players to understand the shift that WebRTC is bringing with it–and here, WebRTC is just a catalyst for a larger industry trend in communications. I have WebRTC on my browser. I’ve got Skype installed and Hangouts as well. Between these three services, do I need any “standards-based system for video conferencing” to talk to anyone? A UC in the Cloud Update Adoption of cloud-based UC …

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Welcome to our bi-weekly recap of the week’s best articles surrounding collaboration.  New hardware Solutions, New Investment, What Does it Mean to Industry The video collaboration world has reached another interesting inflection point.  The market has shown that there is an experience threshold to deliver effective remote video collaboration – recall the rapid doubling of the video market between 2006 and 2008 when HD video became possible across a range of platforms. It is also clear that high quality experience delivers both dramatic productivity increases as well as significant business growth opportunities. Top 5 Tips to Collect and Protect Tacit Knowledge with Video An organization’s most …

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Welcome to our bi-weekly recap of the week’s best articles surrounding collaboration.  Benefits of video conferencing include less travel, but it’s not No. 1 For decades, enterprises have turned to video conferencing in large part as a means of reducing business travel expenses. However, a recent survey by Wainhouse Research of 4,700 end users of video conferencing found that the incentives for using video are shifting: 94% noted that the biggest benefit was increased efficiency and productivity; 88% cited increased impact of discussions; and 87% said video expedited decision-making — the same percentage who said it reduced travel. Telework Week Saved Feds 14 …

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