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Video Comes to Board Meetings

April 25, 2011, by nparker in Video Conferencing

WSJ: As videoconferencing technology becomes more sophisticated, it is slowly moving up the corporate ladder to the boardroom—helping to save some directors the hassle of air travel and making it easier for boards to recruit international members.

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According to study results released by Cisco, users of video conferencing receive both quantitative and qualitative benefits from the technology. It also sets out to explain why there may be hesitation to use this collaborative tool. TMCnet reports: The biggest barriers to adoption of video collaboration, the study found, are not technology limitations but rather lack of experience and/or lack of understanding about how benefits outweigh costs. People who regularly use this technology are generally eager to extol its benefits, and overwhelmingly say it is worth the cost. Yet those who do not use it have a hard time understanding why …

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Extroverts Make Better Leaders?

April 20, 2011, by nparker in Video Conferencing

According to a recent Wall Street Journal article, extroverts are more often leaders of companies than are introverts. In fact, in the business world saying you’re an introvert can be a kiss of death. If an executive’s job is high profile and requires interacting with people and energizing a group, introverts can fall short as they are more reserved and think things through before speaking. But what secret can extroverts learn from their introverted peers? According to the April 20th article: “Ian Cook, the chief of Colgate-Palmolive Co., characterizes himself as introverted. He believes his strong listening skills played a role …

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Time and Cost Savings: Virtual field trips enable students to safely visit new places without leaving the classroom. Increased Learning: Attention to the subject matter increases, resulting in improved retention. Student Collaboration: Students from different schools can work together on the same project. Team Teaching: Teachers can enhance curriculum by virtually bringing experts into the classroom. Professional Development: Teachers can learn new skills or earn a degree without leaving their school. Group Meetings: Increased speed of decision making for school board administrators.

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IVCi in Pro AV Magazine

April 15, 2011, by nparker in Video Conferencing

IVCi was asked to contribute to an article on the need for AV integration in schools titled “Doing Business in Higher Education” for the March-April issue of Pro AV magazine. Check out an excerpt from the article by Tim Kridel below: VIRTUAL EDUCATION The ability to offer advertising services often depends on whether a school has a single, standardized, campus wide signage platform, rather than a hodgepodge of disparate systems that formed over time as departments deployed their own. And signage isn’t the only AV application where standardization is in demand. “We’re seeing the need for standardized classroom control, which is the control …

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Court rooms in New York have increased the number of hearings conducted over video conference, and it is predicted that the court room of the future will include use of this technology, according to a recent article in the NY Daily News. The benefits of using video conferencing for hearings include reduced exposure to risk and increased security. When more hearings are conducted over video a reduction in inmate transportation costs can also be expected.

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According to a recent NY Times Podcast interview with executives from a telehealth company, people who require immediate psychiatric help are receiving it thanks to a telehealth service called telepsychiatry. A variety of health care organizations ranging from hospitals to community mental health centers that have difficulty finding person-to-person psychiatrists in their area use telepsychiatry to see patients they would otherwise not have had access to. Telepsychiatry utilizes high definition video conferencing equipment and other immersive technology to create an intimate experience that can replicate a one-on-one consultation in a doctor’s office. Patients who are treated in this manner report that meeting with the doctor over …

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Lost in Translation

April 4, 2011, by nparker in Video Conferencing

When you have a conversation over the phone, do you sometimes wonder what information is being lost in translation? When we meet with someone in person, we can gain understand from body language and visual cues. Most would agree that when visuals are lacking and we are only listening to a voice at the other end of the line, we are at a disadvantage. This disadvantage can be tolerated when having a casual conversation with a friend or relative, but in a business setting it can be deadly. As an example, we have an international client whose way of communicating is …

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