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GlobalMed Telemedicine Scopes

Electronic Stethoscopes | Digital Stethoscopes

GlobalMed offers innovative medical scopes, including stethoscopes, otoscopes, colposcopes and opthalmoscopes, for a variety of telemedicine uses. For details on GlobalMed's best selling medical scopes, visit the individual product pages and download the data sheets.

GlobalMed's Telemedicine Scopes enable leading pathologists, dermatologists, pediatricians, neurologists, surgeons, pharmacists, forensic MDs, emergency medicine departments and other caregivers to be more effective in providing patient care, and more productive and efficient in managing patient information.

ClearSteth™ small photo.

GlobalMed ClearSteth™

Electronic Stethoscopes | Cardiology Stethoscope

ClearSteth™ Digital Stethoscope is an intelligent solution for compact travel requirements and remote patient consultations.
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CareTone® Ultra Telephonic Stethoscope small photo.

GlobalMed CareTone® Ultra Telephonic Stethoscope

Telephonic Stethoscope | Digital Stethoscopes

When you need the best quality heart and breath sounds, you want the latest in digitally enhanced technology. GlobalMed is the worldwide distributor for CareTone Digital Telephonic Stethoscopes which many clinicians prefer.
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StethOne™ Telephonic Stethoscope small photo.

GlobalMed StethOne™ Telephonic Stethoscope

Digital Stethoscopes | Best Stethoscope

The StethOne is a complete auscultation kit for videoconferencing. Transmit and receive heart and lung sounds through broadband connections or through most Polycom® and TANDBERG videoconferencing systems. This easy to operate stethoscope will help you extend your reach by monitoring patients remotely.
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Littmann® Electronic Stethoscope Model 3200 small photo.

GlobalMed Littmann® Electronic Stethoscope Model 3200

Blue Tooth Electronic Stethoscope | Digital Stethoscope

The Littmann Electronic Stethoscope is a state of the art unit that easily fits into workflow and a practitioner's pocket. It vastly improves on sound assessment, especially when a body sound is faint.
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OTOcam 300 small photo.

GlobalMed OTOcam 300

Small and lightweight, the OTOcam 300 offers crisp full-color images of the inner ear with a direct connection via USB to a computer. Video and still images can be shared with a remote physician during a live videoconference.
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GlobalMed TotalENT small photo.

GlobalMed TotalENT™

Video Otoscopes | Mobile Medical Devices

TotalENT™ is an illumination device with a fiber-optic light cable and camera for use with a number of different scopes, including but not limited to an otoscope, laryngoscope, and nasolaryngoscope. Utilizing crystal clear optics, this system provides a crisp image and easy integration into a telemedicine system.
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USB Otoscope small photo.

GlobalMed USB Otoscope

Digital Video Otoscopes | Telemedical Equipment

USB Otoscope, bundled with GlobalMed's video conversion package, provides a streamlined solution to share high-quality images during videoconferencing. Combined with CapSure®, GlobalMed's Store and Forward Solution, images can also be shared from the USB Otoscope.
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Video Colposcope small photo.

GlobalMed Video Colposcope

Digital Video Colposcope | Digital Colposcope

GlobalMed's true digital Video Colposcope combines superior light and high-resolution video to provide full screen images in a compact design.
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Video Ophthalmoscope small photo.

GlobalMed Video Ophthalmoscope

Video Ophthalmoscope | Digital Opthalmoscope

The revolutionary Video Ophthalmoscope provides easy entry into the eye. The wider field of view allows a practitioner to more easily observe conditions such as hypertension, diabetic retinopathy and papilledema.
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PDF File Icon GlobalMed ClearSteth Data Sheet

PDF File Icon GlobalMed CareTone® Ultra Telephonic Stethoscope Data Sheet

PDF File Icon GlobalMed StethOne™ Telephonic Stethoscope Data Sheet

PDF File Icon GlobalMed Littmann® Electronic Stethoscope Model 3200 Data Sheet

PDF File Icon GlobalMed OTOcam 300 Data Sheet

PDF File Icon GlobalMed TotalENT™ Data Sheet

PDF File Icon GlobalMed USB Otoscope Data Sheet

PDF File Icon GlobalMed Video Colposcope Data Sheet

PDF File Icon GlobalMed Video Ophthalmoscope Data Sheet

PDF File Icon GlobalMed How to Get Started in Telemedicine Brochure

PDF File Icon GlobalMed Overview Brochure

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