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The IntelliNet
IP Video Conferencing Network: Benefits

The benefits of IVCi's IntelliNet as an intelligent IP video collaboration network are numerous.

  • The network is always on and you pay one low fixed monthly price for unlimited IP calls.
  • Unlike other network providers that string together a number of different networks that they sub lease, the IntelliNet network is self-owned all the way down to the fiber that carries the video call. The benefit of owning the network is all security functions such as fire-walling, anti-spoofing, NAT, traffic shaping, VPN steering and policing are done within the network thus delivering the best security while eliminating the need to place expensive network equipment at the customer premise.
  • IntelliNet delivers switched ATM to the customer's premise, delivering a true dedicated video Class of Service (CoS) on top of Quality of Service end to end. Other network providers route their packets across public networks in which every router has to open and read the IP packet before passing it on: this increases latency, packet loss and jitter while exposing a security risk at every router. In addition, other networks that are based on routers can only deliver Quality of Service, which by itself does not guarantee how long a packet will take to get from A to B, or whether it will get there at all, merely that it has a higher priority over other packets. The IntelliNet result: staggering performance ensuring ultimate quality without interruption.
  • You've got questions. We've got answers. Call 1-800-224-7083 now with your conferencing and pricing questions, or click here to have an IVCi Representative contact you.
  • All IntelliNet connections can take advantage of an enterprise web scheduling tool that not only schedules the video call, but also the room and all of the people who need to take part. If you need lunch delivered, that can be scheduled as well! Ease of use is taken to another level as the calls are launched automatically at the right time, so participants walk into the room and their meeting can start without the need to figure out what number or conference room to dial.
  • At IVCi, we recognize that you need to ensure you are getting the right return on investment, which is why with IntelliNet we provide you with reports that not only show you usage of the video system, but also the room itself so you can plan your ongoing capacity requirements.
  • Powerful management tools ensure the highest reliability by continuously monitoring your video system directly for "up-status". In the unlikely event that a system is not available, we will inform you on a proactive basis so that the problem can be rectified immediately, as opposed to finding out right before the next meeting is supposed to start. In addition, IntelliNet monitors the individual network connections at each of your video-enabled locations proactively every 90 seconds. In the extremely unlikely event that a network error occurs, we will be on top of the situation in minutes. We will also provide you with full project management and ensure the network is delivered into your facilities hassle-free.

The Benefits of the IntelliNet Service vs. Internal IP Network or ISDN

Benefit Internal IP
Unlimited point to point calls Yes Yes
Unlimited multi-point calls No Yes
Web based scheduling for the rooms and all types of video calls (pt-pt, multi point, gateway to ISDN) No Yes
Automatic call launching for all calls No Yes
Pro-active video system management No Yes
Pro-active network management down to customer premise No Yes
Preventative maintenance (real time expert diagnosis) No Yes
On line usage reports for all types of meetings No Yes
Back up analog modem for alternate diagnostics No Yes
Back up analog line included for fast fault determination No Yes
Guaranteed network performance service level agreements No Yes
Built in security to prevent external people calling in No Yes
Global reach with single provider to 45 countries No Yes
Single support line for complete video meeting accountability No Yes
Ability to use same connection for Voice Over IP No Yes
Ability to use same connection for secure, reliable and high performance data No Yes

Our factory-trained sales and technical staff install and support IntelliNet IP video conferencing network projects across the country and around the world. IVCi provides clients with one point of contact for video conferencing sales, installation, service, management and support.

For additional information regarding The IntelliNet IP Video Conferencing Network, or to speak to a representative, please contact IVCi at 800-224-7083, or click here to have an IVCi Representative contact you.

Click here for "The IntelliNet IP Video Conferencing Network: Applications"

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