Conferencing: Understanding Technology Can Improve Experiencee

By Stefania Viscusi, Assignment Desk Editor,


Conferencing solutions have grown more popular among many of today's enterprises and business users, mostly because the technology makes it possible to communicate without having to leave the office or waste valuable, and scarce, time and money on travel.

Video conferencing and telepresence solutions offer an immersive experience for conferencing participants that allows them to feel as though they are located in the same room, even though they're not.

However, if not properly tested, installed and used, this technology can sometimes present issues that aren't necessary.

A recent article, "Seven Ways to Avoid Videoconferencing Pitfalls," highlights seven common mistakes made by users of video conferencing over a distributed network.

These mistakes include failing to asses if the network is ready for the added technology, as well as not having enough bandwidth to support the sessions. Having the right troubleshooting skills and understanding all the applications running on the network is vital to a quality experience.

It is possible to avoid these mistakes by partnering with a solution provider who offers the technical know-how and experience to ensure secure, reliable communications are always happening.

Eagle Teleconferencing provides conference call solutions that meet the needs of today's competitive business environments so they can get the most out of their meetings.

To that end, the company offers a worldwide network connection infrastructure, a capacity of more than 10 billion minutes and a variety of conference call options for productivity and reliability.

In addition, the company is focused on educating its users on how these technologies work by offering educational materials for customers through its Web site. End of article.

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