Research and Markets: North American CSP-based Videoconferencing - Challenges, Market Drivers, Restraints, Competitive Landscape, Revenues, Key Market Trends etc.

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Reasearch and Markets has announced the addition of Frost & Sullivan's new report "North American CSP-based Videoconferencing Services Market" to their offering.

This strategic analysis is part of Frost & Sullivan's continued coverage of the conferencing and collaboration marketplace. Within this analysis, Frost & Sullivan has identified industry challenges, market drivers, restraints, competitive landscape, revenues, market shares and key market trends, within the North American videoconferencing services market. With extensive primary and secondary research, this analysis provides real time conferencing and collaboration vendors with a detailed look at the current and changing dynamics in the fast evolving videoconferencing services marketplace.

Positive Market Impetus Continues for Videoconferencing Managed Services, Set-off by the Shift toward Converged Internet Protocol Networks

The shift toward converged Internet protocol (IP) networks, rising interest in unified communications (UC), and the need to focus on core competencies are boosting the demand for conferencing service providers (CSP)-based managed videoconferencing services. From a service provider viewpoint, managed services contracts are financially profitable, prompting vendors to develop videoconferencing solutions with additional services. "Several market forces are merging to create a market that is ripe for change," says the analyst of this research. "Now is the inflection point for large-scale videoconferencing technology adoption." The key business drivers for videoconferencing adoption are increasing globalization and the business need for reducing costs while improving productivity. Organizations of various sizes are supporting a globally dispersed and increasingly mobile workforce, creating a large potential market. A growing focus on green initiatives is expected to become a significant driver for the market. With the impending arrival of green mandates over the next few years, videoconferencing will be vital for businesses in reducing their carbon footprint.

Enterprises' Focus on Core Competencies and Management Cost Reduction to Drive Growth of Managed Videoconferencing Services

Videoconferencing end users continue to feel the inconvenience of managing a complex application; especially as the IT departments are understaffed. End users are increasingly buying more expensive software solutions to support their videoconferencing customer premise equipment (CPE) investments and spending the time and cost in keeping pace with a fast-merging and dynamic technology. All these efforts are typically overwhelming for IT managers and administrators, making a case for videoconferencing-managed services. Managed service solution comprises several layers of functionality, offering total implementation, support, management, and maintenance.

The market for hosted services is fairly stagnant as most of the growth in future will come from a comprehensive bundle of managed services. Demand for managed videoconferencing services is expected to grow with enterprises focusing on core competencies and attempting to reduce internal management costs. "The declining hardware and service costs, and availability of new solutions such as telepresence and high definition (HD) videoconferencing will all go a long way in improving the market's prospects," concludes the analyst. End of article.

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