Codian Unveils Major Technological Breakthrough for High Definition Market

Codian changes customer expectations with TANDBERG Codian ClearVisionTM, which magically transforms poor quality images from SD and ED endpoints!

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LAS VEGAS, NV - May 23, 2007 - A technological breakthrough is set to change the expectations of video conferencing users forever - claim Codian®, the world's fastest growing voice and visual communications company. Seeing is believing say the Company, as it announced TANDBERG Codian ClearVisionTM, a unique technology that magically transforms poor quality images, from standard and enhanced-definition endpoints, into 'near' high-definition clarity.

TANDBERG Codian ClearVision is the latest enhancement to Codian's MCU 4500 Series, the only true high-definition voice and video conferencing bridge on the market. The TANDBERG Codian MCU 4500 Series provides crystal clear, full-motion, highdefinition video on every port. Codian's MCU 4500 Series supports the highest video resolutions, speeds, frame rates and codecs of all the latest high-definition endpoints. The TANDBERG Codian MCU 4500 Series includes full Continuous Presence for all conferences, and now with TANDBERG Codian ClearVision, it enables the mix of high, standard and enhanced-definition, so that organizations make the most of high-definition installations.

At INTEROP Las Vegas, Codian will demonstrate ClearVision for the first time, on its Booth #1282.

TANDBERG Codian ClearVision increases the quality of images from standard and enhanced-definition video conferencing endpoints to give superior visual clarity for high-definition users on the same call. Therefore, organisations that are installing high-definition video conference systems can now experience superior quality images consistently, no matter where or how they originate.

Codian has kept under wraps the development of an advanced technology, which has never been seen or used before within video conferencing systems. This technology, when used in conjunction with high-definition systems, vividly improves the visual performance of older endpoints. Codian has developed ClearVision to address the challenge faced by organisations that want a progressive transition to high-definition video conferencing that optimises the performance of existing standard-definition equipment.

"High-definition video conferencing delivers a truly lifelike, interactive, Telepresence-style, experience for all meeting participants. High-definition systems are credited with giving users an immersive 'in person feeling', which is the ultimate aim of video conferencing events," said William MacDonald, Codian's Chief Strategy Officer. "With TANDBERG Codian ClearVision, organisations have a straightforward way to continue to exploit existing investments in video conferencing systems, while truly benefiting from the very latest in high definition infrastructure products."

In addition to uplifting the visual quality of standard and enhanced-definition endpoints, Codian has gone one step further to ensure that images remain as near perfect as possible. TANDBERG Codian ClearVision's unique technology cleans-up poor images by removing any unsightly video compression artefacts.

"Codian continues to develop leading-edge solutions that are driving users to expect more from their video conferencing systems," said William MacDonald. "ClearVision is a perfect example of why we continue to win market share and customer loyalty."

About Codian

Codian is the fastest growing voice and visual communications company in the world. With a rapidly growing global customer base, Codian is renowned for delivering quality customer service and satisfaction. Codian solutions offer unrivalled reliability and ease-of-use, and are proven to provide the best available voice and video quality for conferencing, throughout an enterprise; in the boardroom, on the move and on the desktop. Codian is consistently the first to market with new and innovative solutions. For example, Codian's award-winning conferencing product family is unique in its ability to deliver truly lifelike interactive, Telepresence-style, experience for all participants.

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