Wainhouse Research Forecasts Growth of Video Conferencing, Streaming and Lecture Capture Solutions


A key finding in a new market study released today by Wainhouse Research is that while the growth of real-time videoconferencing, streaming, and lecture capture solutions for distance education and e-Learning markets has traditionally come from the need to accommodate demand from remote users, a new surge of growth is coming from an unexpected audience: local university, campus-based users who relish the ability to attend class whenever and however they wish, along with adult learners who value the just-in-time convenience of on-demand corporate training. The result is that, despite a temporary slowing in corporate training due to current economic conditions until 2010, the market for these technologies is expected to be robust through 2013.

"While the value of these technologies has been well known to those focused on distance education for some time, mainstream educators and corporate trainers are beginning to appreciate these media for a variety of local, on-demand as well as real-time applications," said report author Alan Greenberg, Senior Analyst & Partner at WR. "All learners will welcome the flexibility to control when, where, and how they access training and course material, and these tools are receiving overwhelmingly high marks for their ffectiveness &mash; and ability to enable interactions between educators and learners in new ways."

The study goes on to predict:

  • Minimal vendor consolidation in these markets will take place over the short term, as sufficient demand will enable major and minor players to thrive.
  • Nonetheless, one or more of the major Unified Communications players are likely to acquire a streaming and archival solution provider due to the market opportunity presented and competitive positioning such an cquisition would provide — particularly against Cisco, which already delivers solutions in this space.
  • All vendors delivering rich media, education and corporate training solutions will need to deliver new tools for mobile learning, and address new requirements for integration of video and streaming with virtual worlds like Second Life.

The study, which is Volume 2 of WR's "The Distance Education and e-Learning Landscape" report series, forecasts total market (combined educational and corporate training markets) for videoconferencing, streaming, and lecture capture solutions to reach $2.4 billion by 2013, with streaming and lecture capture solutions showing the higher compound annual growth rate.

"Videoconferencing, Streaming, and Capture Systems for Learning" explores the impact of videoconferencing and on-demand streaming and lecture capture solutions on educational and training environments, describing capabilities, applications, benefits, market size, and major players. It contains profiles of Accordent, Cisco, Echo360, HaiVision, IOCOM, Polycom, SAFARI Montage, Sonic Foundry, TANDBERG, Tegrity, and VBrick. The report concludes with market sizing and five-year forecasts of three segments (higher education, K-12, corporate training), as well as a set of predictions for vendors and users. Other volumes in the report series include "Volume 1: Learning Management Software, Platforms and Tools," and "Volume 3: Interaction Enablers and Synchronous Web Tools" (Q1 2009).

"The Distance Education and e-Learning Landscape: Volume 2" — 96 pages in length &mash; is available now at End of article.

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