Videoconferencing: an Effective and Efficient Cost Saving Tool in Tough Economic Times

Recent Research Demonstrates the Quantitative Business Value of Telepresence and Videoconferencing

Today, Aberdeen, a Harte-Hanks Company (NYSE: HHS), published "Being in Two Places at Once: Telepresence vs. Videoconferencing in the Enterprise," a comprehensive benchmark report on enterprise telepresence and videoconferencing usage based on the input of over 40,000 data points from over 180 corporations. Through this research, Aberdeen demonstrates how Best-in-Class companies are currently decreasing video setup time by 63%, increasing utilization of fixed video rooms by 56% compared to all other companies, and reducing corporate travel by 24%. To obtain a complimentary copy of the report, visit:

Videoconferencing has traditionally been a difficult technology to implement in the enterprise, with problems: latency, jitter, poor video equipment, insufficient concern over the videoconferencing environment, lack of business purpose, organizational commitment, and comfort with using this technology. However, as both video technologies and organizational capabilities have improved in the corporate environment, companies are finally able to realize strong business benefits to support efforts in business uses as varied as reducing the corporate environmental footprint, promoting globalized workforce collaboration, accelerating complex product development initiatives, and aiding remote talent acquisition.

"In these difficult economic times, companies must look for an edge in cutting costs while optimizing multinational and remote operations," said Hyoun Park, Research Editor at Aberdeen. "By properly implementing a obust video collaboration solution, firms can reduce corporate travel and drive business value in many ways. Video is no longer solely an executive tool, but a technology that can catalyze efficiency throughout the workplace."

This report demonstrates the organizational capabilities and technological enablers that Best-in-Class companies are currently using to drive business value from video collaboration solutions. By studying the current usage patterns and implementation strategies of current video users, this report provides actionable recommendations for Laggard, Industry Average, and Best-in-Class companies to improve their current video deployments. In addition, this research shows potential consumers how to obtain technologies and develop cultures that will best support a videoconferencing solution that is aligned to macro business pressures.

A complimentary copy of this report is made available due in part by the following underwriters: Tandberg and Polycom. To obtain a complimentary copy of the report, visit: End of article.

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