TANDBERG Provides Ways to Minimize Losses from Extreme Weather Conditions

By Nathesh,

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In Britain poor weather usually puts millions of workers away from the office resulting in stagnation in their processes. TANDBERG has provided the necessary solutions for companies to allow their workers do their job using video from home and reporting into the office as usual and thereby reducing the loss of work hours.

TANDBERG is a provider of telepresence, high-definition video conferencing and mobile video solutions and makes about 75,000 video calls per month.

Simon Egan, vice president for Western Europe at TANDBERG, said: "The disruption is estimated to have cost U.K. businesses a shocking Pounds Sterling 1.2bn for a single day's disruption. But, it seems to have served as a timely reminder to business leaders of their vulnerability; particularly during fragile economic times. A number of the enquiries we've received this week have centered on organizations wanting to prepare for similar future challenges or plan for disaster recovery. Much of yesterday's loss of productivity could have been avoided with simple video conferencing."

TANDBERG officials say that video communications are no longer a tool for boardrooms alone. They have designed solutions that can be installed on user desktops for the user’s individual workspace and provide them with real-time, face-to-face communication and increased productivity without having to leave the chair.

The company adds that even its own employees are enjoying the benefits of their video solutions. TANDBERG employees have stated that the weather disturbances did not affect their work routine in any ways. All they had to do is to login to the company and start their work from home itself. They add that it is safer than driving to the office at this weather. On top of this, TANDBERG says it benefits from all people working a full day, increasing all-round productivity.

The results of workers having their jobs done from their homes are not only in reduction of financial losses but also huge reduction in travel related expenses and carbon emissions.

Officials add that TANDBERG customers such as Vodafone and Amey don't just use video to solve travel problems when the weather is bad. It can help employees avoid unnecessary business travel, saving businesses both time and money, and provide a better work-life balance for staff. End of article.

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