Video Conference Producer

Hauppauge, NY Department: Cloud Services Job Type: Full Time


Ensure the successful launching of customer video conferences by coordinating customer requirements and IVCi procedures. This person will be responsible for handling MVE customer inquiries via phone, instant messaging, and email into the managed conferencing services department as well as bridging duties, and administrative duties.Excellent organizational skills and initiative are preferred as often work is done independently.

Main Job Functions:

  • Responsible for the direction and handling of all calls into the MVE department. Customer support for scheduling and monitoring video conferences.
  • Monitor scheduling system for any changes to customer conferences and ensuring customer conference specifics are set up prior to conference launch.
  • Ensure all video conference are connected on time and reconnected within the appropriate amount of time as outline in the Service Level Agreement.
  • Troubleshoot conference issues by logging into video systems to diagnosis potential connection/quality issues. Check packet loss on customer video systems. Log all conference issues in reporting applications.
  • Open trouble tickets and escalated to the appropriate department for investigation and follow up.
  • Perform site certification for 3rd party locations on behalf of MVE managed customers.
  • Handle special projects as assigned by management team.


  • Strong and proven background providing excellent customer service.
  • Proficiency with all Microsoft Office products.
  • Strong multitasking skills.
  • Quick learner.
  • Competitive personality, flexibility and adaptability.
  • Ability to self-prioritize daily tasks.
  • Excellent organizational skills and initiative are preferred as often work is done independently.
  • Composure under pressure is necessary.
  • Flexibility to work any MVE shifts (24 hours/6 Days a week).
  • Cover customer weekend VCs upon 6 months.
  • Process-oriented, with the ability to manage many tasks at once.
  • Have basic troubleshooting skills for diagnosing/resolving video conference issues.

Experience with the following applications/equipment preferred:

  • Telepresence Management Suite
  • Cisco Bridges
  • Polycom Bridges
  • Cisco and Polycom video conference systems


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