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Growing Your Law Firm With Video Conferencing

How visual collaboration benefits the legal profession


Meeting the Challenge

Organizations within the legal profession continue to face challenges; to remain competitive, they must find new ways to improve revenue and be more efficient, increase client satisfaction, grow client retention, manage ever growing case loads, and cut costs. Technology such as video conferencing solutions has evolved to effectively address these challenges, and many law organizations are reaping the benefits.

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For example, video conferencing is now used by law firms as a cost effective and efficient way to hold face-face- meetings. Video can be used to conduct client conferences, depositions and testimony, provide access to experts, assist inter-office communication, facilitate continuing education, and expedite recruiting. The use of video for these types of ad-hoc and/or scheduled meetings means reducing time spent out of the office, and in turn reducing the financial and productivity losses associated with travel.

In addition to the benefits video provides law firms, clients also appreciate the efficiency that is gained by using the technology. Clients appreciate having the ability to meet with lawyers expediently. In fact, clients can meet with attorneys, associates, and specialists right from equipment located at their desk top or conference room, and then return immediately to work - a convenient and cost effective alternative to travel.

Use Cases of Video Conferencing in the Legal Profession

State and local courts use video conferencing as a cost effective method for communicating with prisoners; it is also safer than busing inmates to court for hearings that can be held remotely. Video is useful for expediting depositions in civil cases, since remote depositions expedite the process if a client is located in another city. Additionally, video calls can be recorded and archived so that they can be played back as needed.

Expert witnesses can be difficult to access, especially those who are based internationally. However, if a law firm has an office in the remote area, a hard to reach subject matter expert can be accessed at a moment's notice. The benefit of communicating with an expert this way is that they can give their expert testimony, however brief, without taking the time to travel to the firm's U.S. location.

The dynamics of inter-office communication often change with video conferencing; meetings among multiple locations are facilitated, giving partners and associates the ability to confer on any range of topics that would be discussed in a face-to-face setting. The inconvenience of traveling to various firm locations is eliminated, freeing up valuable time and resources.

Video conferencing and streaming is ideal for law firms conducting training sessions; all training can take place at one time, by one trainer, and it can be recorded for review at a later date. This approach to training is quite powerful as it allows participants to remain at their desks, and all trainees can be assured the same material will be covered.

Similarly, video is an ideal tool for the early stages of recruiting associates. The screening process can be performed over video so that only the most qualified candidates are brought in for further discussion. In addition, law firms that incorporate the latest technology differentiate themselves as more progressive and are therefore more attractive to new recruits.

IVCi's Total Integrated Solution

Video conferencing is not a one-size-fits-all technology - it can be as simple as a desk top computer with a Web cam, a small unit placed on a desk, a room-based system with integrated audio visual (AV) equipment, or high-end, fully immersive solution. IVCi is a leading integrator of unified communications systems including video conferencing, audio visual equipment, and managed services, and we work with any budget and any technology limitations to provide an optimal solution for our customers. IVCi has the expertise to create a conferencing room environment that will make the most of the technology, which can have huge impact on client satisfaction and retention.

IVCi offers a managed service called managed video experience (MVE) to help video conferencing, customers experience seamless video calls. Within MVE we offer network services that will provide customers with a high quality experience. In addition, we proactively manage video equipment and let our customers know if is an issue needs to be addressed - and it is often resolved before they even know about it. MVE also handles the scheduling of meetings so that customers can walk into a room and the calls are already up and running. MVE's main focus is on making the meeting successful 100% of the time, and with this success rate our customers experience a solid ROI on their video conferencing system.

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