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Video Technology Upgrade Program
Polycom wants your old video conferencing equipment. For a limited time, Polycom is offering a rebate to end-user customers, through a certified Polycom Channel Partner, who trade in an old Polycom video conferencing unit and purchase an eligible Polycom VSX 7000, ViewStation or iPower product along with a qualified maintenance program. The video unit being traded in must have been purchased more than one year from the date of the trade-in.
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MCU Platform Ugrade Program
Polycom is offering a rebate through a certified Polycom Channel Partner or Service Provider to end-user customers who trade in an approved MCU and purchase a Polycom MGC50 or 100 platform, including installation and annual maintenance agreement. Only Non-Polycom MCUs are eligible for this trade-in offer. Does not apply to the MGC-25 product.
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*You will need a PC with Windows Media player and speakers to attend this session. You will be able to send questions during the event. Registrants will receive access info for event via e-mail.
**Financing provided by TANDBERG Leasing. Subject to credit approval.
Web Conferencing
vs. Streaming

Confused about which IVCi solution is right for your needs? Our chart will help you make the right choice.

At times it may seem that there is an overlap that exists between using Web conferencing solutions vs. Streaming solutions to improve your communication processes. Both technologies can deliver significant efficiencies in the way you work, but one may be better at executing a specific objective. Making the wrong decision in your investment can cost you time and money. IVCi has created a chart that will help you make the right decision with the appropriate technology:

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Lord of the Rings Director Relies on Polycom to Film Three Movies Concurrently

Polycom Technology Lowers Production Costs; Ensures Artistic Integrity across Films, Multiple Crews, and 150 Locations

Polycom Inc., the world's leader in video and voice conferencing, conference bridges, and integrated web collaboration solutions, recently announced that its industry-leading group video communications system played a key role in the making of The Lord of the Rings trilogy, whose final installment, The Return of the King, was released worldwide this week.

In a first for a large-scale film production, the director Peter Jackson made movie history by shooting all three episodes of the trilogy at the same time in a remarkably fast 274 days over 150 locations. Jackson was able to direct in three places concurrently using video communications extensively to review daily rushes and direct multiple film crews in New Zealand.

Jackson's innovative use of video communications provided significant financial and artistic benefits in the film series production. The director viewed daily footage by linking the movie cameras into Polycom's video conferencing systems and viewing the footage over a high-speed network connection from either the Pinewood editing studio in the UK, the main studio in Warkworth, New Zealand, or on-location sites. The real-time interaction with the film crews and location directors resulted in fewer re-takes, which shortened filming time and reduced costs.

"Peter Jackson would watch what the locations were filming and then make suggestions," said Duncan Nimmo, IT manager for 3Foot6 Limited, the company formed to make the film. "He suggested changes such as different lighting or camera angles, and could see differences in the way certain types of characters moved or acted and made sure that the film conformed to his overall vision. This didn't just save time, it made the overall film a better one."

Video conferencing also played a key role in the post-production process. To help meet the important post production delivery date, the crew used Polycom's systems enabling the director to provide input from New Zealand to the music studios in London on the final music score. This highlights how such technology can provide significant benefits to the film making process by unlocking new, more effective methods of production.
"We are very proud that Polycom's products were able to assist Peter Jackson in the making of the epic Lord of the Rings trilogy," said Ed Ellett, senior vice president and general manager of video communications for Polycom. "His use of video communications to communicate and collaborate effectively over distances demonstrates the versatility, reliability and adaptability of our solutions. But his example also demonstrates a smart business decision in which video communication delivered a tangible return on investment with faster decision-making and time to delivery, as well as reduced production costs."

Satellite communications proved essential to the film series. Although the video conferencing system was originally conceived for video communications only, the ability to integrate phone and network services became a critical part of the operation. The production crew used high frequency radio transmitters and military grade fiber optic cable to connect crews operating at great distances. Once the signal was received, it was fed through the analog video inputs on the back of the Polycom video conferencing system and was ready for transmission. The footage was then transmitted over satellite to the director, whether he was in the central studio or out on-location.

Polycom's video conferencing systems performed over thousands of kilometers and under unfavorable climactic conditions, without a single failure. Systems faced sub-zero temperatures in the winter, searing heat in the summer and were bounced around in the back of a variety of vehicles.

The Polycom video communications systems run full-motion TV-quality video and deliver near CD-quality audio for effective remote communications. An embedded Web server handles diagnostics and simple software upgrades over the Internet. In addition to the simple Graphics User Interface (GUI), the voice tracking camera and preset tracking function ensures customers can adapt the product to fit their needs. The first two Lord of the Rings films have earned a combined US$1.8 billion and won a total of six Oscars. The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King was released worldwide on Dec. 17, 2003 and is distributed by New Line Cinema, a subsidiary of AOL Time Warner.

For a description of how Polycom's video conferencing systems were deployed please see the special extended DVD Edition of The Lord of the Rings, The Two Towers. (Disk 4, Music and Sound, Music for Middle-Earth, Segment 9).

Conferencing Resolution 2004: Increase Web Collaboration

Eight collaborative strategies to help you win customers, increase sales and achieve marketing success.

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Video: Distance Learning

View this newly released video featuring a school using video conferencing to enhance the quality of student education. Requires Windows Media Player.

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Make calling between IP networks and ISDN transparent

IP networks are increasingly replacing ISDN for video communications within the enterprise. Many enterprises now using IP for video would like to communicate with other enterprises using ISDN.

The TANDBERG Gateway combines H.264 support with unique call transfer capabilities, complete feature transparency, and full downspeeding in order to provide an IP video conferencing solution of unparalleled simplicity to users. Plug-and-play technology, load balance control, and support of the complete TANDBERG feature set (including embedded encryption and IPLR) make the TANDBERG Gateway an ideal choice for enterprise customers.

TANDBERG Gateway Back View With the TANDBERG Gateway you will receive:
  • full feature transparency for video systems
  • the highest level of security possible using embedded encryption
  • the benefits of superior H.264 video quality on all gateway calls
  • all features of TANDBERG systems even in a mixed network environment
  • greater reliability through support of Downspeeding
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Forgent Alliance Scheduler

The Forgent Networks ALLIANCE SCHEDULER for Microsoft Outlook is a key component of the Forgent Networks ALLIANCE Suite.

It is the first and only product to deliver unified scheduling of all elements of enterprise meetings through leading desktop calendaring interfaces. By uniting desktop scheduling and enterprise meeting management, the Forgent Networks ALLIANCE SCHEDULER gives users the power to instantly schedule meetings with anyone, anywhere, anytime.

By streamlining the meeting process, the Forgent Networks ALLIANCE SCHEDULER approach improves individual productivity, accelerates time-to-decisions, and eliminates inefficiencies, reducing meeting time and costs by up to 50%.

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Centra eMeeting
Centra Web Conferencing Solutions

Enterprise software and services for real-time Web conferencing, collaboration and learning over the Web

Centra Web Conferencing Solutions can provide your organization with self-service meetings, Web seminars, virtual classes and more.

IVCi is a premier, nation-wide partner with Centra Software (NSDQ: CTRA) for their entire line of real-time enterprise collaboration and conferencing tools. Their products represent IVCi's key go-to-market solution for our customer's fully-deployed, premise-based Web conferencing requirements.

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