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IVCi Web Conferencing vs.
IVCi Streaming

Confused about which IVCi solution is right for your needs?
Our chart will help you make the right choice.

At times it may seem that there is an overlap that exists between using Web conferencing solutions vs. Streaming solutions to improve your communication processes. Both technologies can deliver significant efficiencies in the way you work, but one may be better at executing a specific objective. Making the wrong decision in your investment can cost you time and money. IVCi has created a chart will help you make the right decision with the appropriate technology:

LEGEND: S = Streaming;   W = Web conferencing;   $$ = Represents money saving opportunities
Requirement W/S Approach
Limited interaction but high quality audio and video and presentation S IVCi Streaming Video delivers high quality video/audio. IVCi Web Conferencing is more focused on the data and collaboration. Although you can add a video image with Web conferencing it is from a USB camera not from any room video system.
CEO Monthly briefing to 1000 employees $$ S Image quality and effective reach is important. With Streaming Video, cost per viewer is substantially lower vs. cost per license.
Recording of Video Conferencing meetings S Whether its point-to-point or multi-point, IVCi's Streaming Solutions let you record any meeting along with the meeting presentation.
Creating product/marketing videos S If it's a "one way" message to a sizeable audience and you want "sales type" impact then streaming is better suited.
High impact information for a global organization S With optional distribution nodes as part of the solution, wide area bandwidth is optimally utilized.
Looking for additional ROI of existing equipment S IVCi Streaming Solutions utilize the customers' existing video conferencing equipment, creating additional ROI of existing equipment.
Comparing to WebEx $$ W IVCi's Web Conferencing Solutions have many advantages over Webex. The main ones are its more applications focused (meeting, training or webinars) and can be an unlimited secure model - Webex is over public networks. IVCi's Web Conferencing Solutions provide three options based on the same platform thus creating virtually the "same" interface regardless of what type of meeting/events you are having.
Interactive Training Session W IVCi's Web Conferencing Solutions is a different technology so there is none of the inherent delay, so more conducive to live training where interaction is key—polling, self grading tests, quizzes, automated registration.
Interactive Webinars $$ W With IVCi's Conference powered by Centra, the pre-webinar registration process can be customized and automated, significantly reducing the time required to manage registrations. During the webinar, using VoIP will reduce the costs and allowing the use of different types of media like Java, or media files, will further enhance the interactivity and experience. After the webinar, automated follow-ups along with full reporting, show results.
Recording of a Web and Audio Conference W With the VoIP and the Web conferencing integrated as well as a full recording function the whole conference can be saved and cataloged for further use. Could be important in contract negotiations or M&A’s where meetings have to be recorded.
Reduction in Audio Conferencing bill $$ W Integrated VoIP at bandwidths as low as 28.8 can mean a significant reduction in audio conferencing costs. More suited to groups of 5 or more where you can use meeting choreography to control the meeting better.
Wants to do Conferencing today but does not have Video Conferencing equipment W IVCi's Web Conferencing Solution does not require any additional equipment to use the service. Streaming requires the use of video conferencing equipment.

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