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Polycom Enhances Meetings with HD Telepresence Solutions

By Stefania Viscusi, TMCnet Assistant Editor

In a bid to make meetings more life-like and productive, Polycom has announced the introduction of the Polycom RealPresecnce Experience High Definition (RPX HD) telepresence solutions.

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With the telepresence solutions, users in separate locations are able to experience life-size interactions with sound and display that are life-like via high definition telepresence technology.

The solution makes both the audio and visual aspect of communications clearer and more personal and is able to display on lower bandwidths.

With a full cinematic view of the other room, including wall displays (8-16 ft wide) in each room and utilizing special blending of images from multiple HD cameras as well as EyeConnect technology, so people are looking directly at the person they are speaking too, the technology makes it as though users are in the same room during a meeting. This is especially important when mergers and acquisitions occur or meetings where face-to-face interactions are necessary.

Microphones on the ceiling of the rooms and acoustic walls combined with Polycom's Siren22 StereoSurround sound technology help perfect sound delivered during the meetings and enhance the life-like aspect by directing sound as it does in the actual room.

With the solution, users are also able to send multimedia content to attendees virtually via personal content monitors integrated into the conference table.

Other features include 24/7 hosted support to ensure telepresence meetings run smoothly and remain connected.

Global workforces and business relationships have seen a vast improvement in communication capabilities and cost savings with the advent of IP and conferencing capabilities. Now, the ability to conduct meetings and collaborate in a much more life- like manner enhances productivity and further reduces the need to travel or prior barriers of global business productivity.

Commenting on the new offering, Robert Hagery, chairman and CEO at Polycom said in a statement, "Polycom RPX HD systems erase the distances between teams, making them highly efficient and productive. Polycom RPX HD provides video conferencing customers with an interoperable telepresence solution that uses bandwidth efficiently, adds value to their existing investments, and a solution that can call the million other video conferencing systems in use today."

The Polycom RPX HD Rooms are available for order today, and come fully equipped with technology, equipment and furniture for the rooms. Pricing starts at US $299,000 for a Polycom RPX HD 204, a news release noted.

This news follows Polycom's recently announced purchase of Destiny Conferencing Corp., a privately held telepresence technology provider, for $47.6 million.

Polycom RPX HD Telepresence Solutions


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