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IVCi Joins with Global Writes for 15th Annual Poetry Slam

IVCi's expertise in visual collaboration and Global Writes program development create a one-of-a-kind experience for students.

HAUPPAUGE, NY - February 1, 2011 - IVCi, LLC (, a leading integrator of high-definition video conferencing solutions, telepresence systems, audio visual equipment, and managed conferencing services, announced today that it has teamed with Global Writes, a nonprofit organization whose mission is to promote literacy, communication and collaboration among young people through the integration of performing arts and technology resources, to help connect students in the 2011 Bronx Poetry Slam.

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"The work that Global Writes does with students and technology is truly remarkable. Their annual poetry slam gives students a great opportunity to express themselves through poetry," said Robert Swing, CEO of IVCi. "IVCi is proud to provide the backend technology that makes it possible for schools to connect to one another and compete across multiple locations. This is truly what the technology is all about, empowering communication and expression in new and exciting ways."

Video bridging is a component to IVCi's Managed Conferencing Services and IVCi has donated the use of that bridge time to Global Writes to make it possible for multiple schools to connect to each other at the same time and participate in the competition. IVCi has made this donation for many years and has helped connect over 20 sites in the Bronx and many more around the world including Tokyo, Los Angeles, Chicago, and more.

"Global Writes focuses exclusively on promoting communication and literacy among students and the integration of technology is always a key component," said Maria Fico, Co-President of Global Writes. "IVCi has been a great partner in helping realize the poetry slam every year and their generous donation of video bridging time is what makes the competition possible."

IVCi continues to partner with Global Writes as well as with a for-profit organization owned by Fico and partner John Ellrodt that focuses on exploring and realizing the educational and institutional potential of communications and information technology. Together the partnership is able to provide the needed technology to start utilizing visual collaboration but also the expertise and experience to develop the educational programs that will make the most of the technology in the classroom environment.

About IVCi

IVCi, LLC is a leading integrator of managed enterprise collaboration solutions, including high definition video conferencing, telepresence, audio visual systems, and managed conference services. IVCi makes collaboration and audio visual solutions easy to use, easy to manage, and easy to afford.

About Global Writes

Global Writes is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to promote literacy, communication and collaboration among young people through the integration of performing arts and technology resources. The organization leads or assists in the development and support of projects and programs with local school districts, independent schools, government agencies and other nonprofit groups.

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