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2/20/04 - FREE SEMINAR:
Conferencing Today

10:00 a.m.–12:00 p.m. PST
5820 Stoneridge Mall Road
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Pleasanton, CA 94588

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2/27/04 - FREE WEBINAR:
Video Over IP*

2:00 p.m.–3:00 p.m. EST
This educational session will cover the benefits of running your video conferences over an IP network instead of an inferior ISDN network.

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Centra Conference for Web-based seminars provides a fast, efficient, and cost-effective way to reach and engage large audiences quickly. Learn how to leverage this unique technology for your own marketing and sales efforts in this educational webinar.

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Network Systems: Unified Upgrade Bundle, Upgrade and Save!
For a limited time, Polycom is offering customers a savings of 20% off the original list price of the Polycom Unified Conference Suite, Audio+ 24/48, Video+ 8 CP8/TX8 Module, MGC- Video SWL CP8/TX8.
Offer valid thru 3/31/04.
Call for additional information: 800-224-7083.

Polycom ViaVideo II
Special Offer

For a limited time Polycom is offering a 64MB USB Memory Stick to customers that purchase a ViaVideo II Personal Video Communications System (while supplies last).
Offer valid thru 3/31/04.
Call for additional information: 800-224-7083.

Making it easier for you to get H.264 functionality —today!
Trade-up to a TANDBERG 6000 for H.264 functionality, high bandwidth, embedded security, built-in Multi-site capabilities, advanced features and MORE!.
> Up to $7500 credit for trade-in on the purchase of a TANDBERG 6000 Rollabout.
> Up to $6000 credit for trade-in on the purchase of a TANDBERG 6000 codec or portable.
> TANDBERG Leasing 5.9%** rate!
Call for additional information: 800-224-7083.
*You will need a PC with Windows Media player and speakers to attend this session. You will be able to send questions during the event. Registrants will receive access info for event via e-mail.
**Financing provided by TANDBERG Leasing. Subject to credit approval.
Polycom Media Center Polycom Introduces Polycom Media Center Solutions

Polycom recently introduced Polycom Media Center solutions, which integrate leading video communications systems with high-resolution displays, an advanced audio subsystem and elegant furniture design for a stylish conference room solution. In addition, Polycom announced a smaller, enhanced version of its industry-leading VS4000, rack-mounted video communications appliance for systems integrators and custom-room environments.

"With the Polycom Media Center, we are responding to our customers' requests for fully integrated video conferencing solutions that include everything they need for their conference room in a stylish design," said Ed Ellett, senior vice president and general manager of video communications for Polycom. "We are extremely excited about the performance, quality, overall design and unmatched flexibility of our Media Center solutions."

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TANDBERG Adds Advanced Security in All Products, Instant Messaging for Business-Quality Video and Introduces New
Set-Top Products

TANDBERG 990 TANDBERG recently launched two new set-top products, unprecedented security enhancements for all of its products and infrastructure, and upgrades to its management software that--for the first time--bring instant messaging to business-quality video. The new enhancements mark significant industry firsts that strengthen TANDBERG's technology leadership position.

TANDBERG introduced:
  • TANDBERG Management Suite 8.0 with support for Polycom MGC multipoint-control units
  • TANDBERG Instant Messenger for one-click access to business-quality audio and video
  • AES support shipping as a standard feature on all TANDBERG systems and infrastructure
  • TANDBERG 770 and TANDBERG 990 set-top products for choice and flexibility
The TANDBERG Management Suite (TMS) is unique software that enables management of best-of-breed video networks. The multi-vendor management now provided by TMS 8.0 extends to Polycom MGC multipoint-control units as well as new video endpoints from other vendors. In addition, TMS 8.0 integrates with Microsoft Exchange to allow users to manage meeting schedules and to make reservations for video systems.

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Video Court Visits Could Save Millions

By MIKE JOHNSON - Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Wisconsin counties could save millions of dollars a year by using video conferencing for certain court proceedings instead of having all defendants appear in person, according to a new state report. Proponents, including the Badger State Sheriff's Association, which contributed to the study, say it would reduce transportation costs, create a more efficient use of criminal justice resources and enhance public safety.

Others, though, are wary that the unchecked use of technology in courtrooms could erode the rights of defendants - especially their right to confront their accusers in person, which is embedded in the Bill of Rights. "The danger is that it will restrict the access of a defendant to the courtroom," said Sam Benedict of the Waukesha region of the Wisconsin public defender's office. "The worry is some categories of people - accused murderers - won't get to appear in court at all."

According to a December report by the Wisconsin Office of Justice Assistance, an investment of $1.5 million would be required to equip county courthouses and jails with the technology. But that would save more than $2.3 million statewide in the first year alone, the report says. Milwaukee County, for example, could save more than $327,000 a year; Racine County, more than $116,000; Waukesha County, more than $113,000; Ozaukee County more than $46,000 and Washington County more than $30,000, it says.

The saving is based on a best-case scenario and would require that all parties in the 72 counties - judges, prosecutors, defendants and others - embrace the technology for use in non-evidentiary hearings, such as arraignments and motions. Although a number of counties have held video appearances, some officials admit that judges and others may be reluctant to move away from appearances in person.

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VCON expands their High-Definition product line with the new HD5000 multimedia conferencing system. The HD5000 provides TV-like video quality using advanced video standards.

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Featured Product

VCON expands their High-Definition product line with the new HD3000 set-top conferencing system. The HD3000 provides TV-like video quality using advanced video standards.

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