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Polycom HDX Trade-In Program for Polycom VSX 8000 Users
Available 10/23/06–3/31/07
If you purchased a VSX 8000 codec prior to 10/1/06, and would like to experience the UltimateHD from Polycom, you are eligible to order the Polycom HDX 9002 high-definition system at a reduced list price! Click here for additional information or call 800-224-7083 x7251.

FREE Trial TANDBERG Management Suite
TANDBERG Management Suite is a powerful software application that puts enterprise control at the core of the network. TMS makes it easy for administrators to keep up with demand for additional endpoints and multipoint calls as well as ensure integration with other collaboration tools. Click here for additional information or call 800-224-7083 x7251.

Polycom MGC Modules Upgrade Program
Polycom wants your old MGC Modules. For a limited time, Polycom is offering a rebate program when you trade in a designated Polycom MGC module and purchase a new higher density module. Click here for additional information or call 800-224-7083 x7251.

Codian FREE Demo Trial
Codian has made available several MCU 4210 units and an IP VCR 2220 on the public Internet for you to try. Click here for additional information or call 800-224-7083 x7251.

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Is High Definition Video Conferencing Right for Your Business?

How to determine if you should make the leap forward to HD

By Nina Parker

If you are looking into purchasing a video conferencing solution for your business, chances are you are considering whether to invest in high definition (HD). Just as HD is changing the television viewing experience by depicting shows with vastly improved clarity and detail, HD video conferencing is transforming the way businesses experience collaborative communication.

True high definition video conferencing delivers such fine detail that the end result is amazingly life-like quality. Images are clearer and crisper, colors are more vibrant, and motion is smoother. As a result, high definition improves the user experience so that meetings become more productive.

However, there are aspects of HD that may be a challenge to implement, depending on your type of organization. One major concern for some businesses may be that high definition requires a large amount of bandwidth to transport calls across the network. Fortunately, even if your company does not currently have enough network bandwidth to deliver HD, you still have options available to you.

The good news is that you do not necessarily have to take the leap from the amount of bandwidth rates that you are currently using to HD rates to enjoy the quality benefits of HD. In fact, the technology that is on the market today provides greatly improved audio, video and content sharing quality without the necessity of waiting for your network department to upgrade its bandwidth.

HD Defined

Recent innovations in video conferencing technology have resulted in great improvements in resolution, which is the number of pixels and lines that make up an image. High definition video conferencing delivers such great detail because of an increase in resolution.

HD resolution is better quality because it contains more horizontal lines per screen (720), and each line contains more pixels. This allows a greater amount of information to be captured. Traditional business quality video conferencing calls are CIF (common interface format) resolution. Standard definition (SD) is 4 times the quality of CIF, and high definition is 9 times CIF.

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Lean Communications - Enabling manufacturing processes through visual technologies. Click for white paper.

W H I T E   P A P E R

Codian HD Endpoint Interoperability Guide

The video conferencing industry is moving towards High Definition (HD) now that several technologies are reaching maturity and a suitable point on the price-reliability curve. These include high quality IP networks, HD flat screen displays, HD cameras and real-time video processing DSPs. The need for High Definition in a video conferencing environment arises in a couple of key areas.

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TANDBERG core services photo.


Core Services

Core services form the cornerstone of TANDBERG's constant care service portfolio, providing customers with comprehensive support throughout a product's lifetime.

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TANDBERG Entrypoint

TANDBERG Entrypoint photo.

Simplified video access to organizational resources.

Entrypoint is a network device that enables simpler video access into an organization through intuitive menu systems. One main address or number can be distributed to customers and partners, allowing instant access to specific resources within the enterprise. Ad-hoc accessibility means no advance planning from IT is required to enable video conferencing users outside of your network to connect with you.
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Polycom RPX HD

Polycom RPX Series photo.

The true definition of a telepresence experience.

The Polycom RealPresence Experience High Definition (RPX HD)offers unprecedented high-definition video in a cinematic view, extraordinary StereoSurround audio and high resolution content in a truly immersive telepresence environment that will provide the ultimate meeting experience for executives in any organization, linking sites across the globe.
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TANDBERG PrecisionHD Camera

Polycom RPX Series photo.

Superior video quality with the TANDBERG PrecisionHD Camera.

TANDBERG's PrecisionHD Camera allows users to fully maximize the High Definition experience and provides superior video quality at any bandwidth. Designed specifically for video conferencing, it provides crystal-clear,true-to-life quality for rich interaction and collaboration.
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