IVCi Designated Certified Managed Service Provider for TANDBERG Total Service

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IVCi's managed services expertise will enhance the TANDBERG telepresence experience and help global organizations achieve better ROI from their technology investment

We are proud to announce that IVCi has achieved the designation of Certified Managed Service Provider for TANDBERG Total Service.

With this distinction, IVCi, a leading integrator of enterprise collaboration solutions, including high-definition video conferencing, telepresence, audio visual integration, and managed conferencing services, will offer a portfolio of comprehensive managed services that ensure the high-quality, reliable meetings that executives demand.

"IVCi continually demonstrates a strong commitment to TANDBERG and their customers, evidenced by undertaking the rigorous requirements to become a Certified Managed Service Provider for TANDBERG Total Service," said Rick Snyder, president, TANDBERG Americas. "IVCi's IntelliNet MCS® Managed Conferencing Service for TANDBERG will seamlessly integrate telepresence and video conferencing into the user experience, allowing the focus to be on the conversation and not the technology enabling it. We are very happy to extend our relationship with IVCi, one of our strongest partners."

Telepresence and video conferencing enable a new way of working where employees, customers, and suppliers can meet face-to-face to collaborate and solve problems as if they were in the same room no matter where they are located. TANDBERG Total Service makes customized video communication solutions easy to implement, maintain and monitor, allowing for scalable deployment across the enterprise.

"IVCi's mission is to make collaboration technologies easy to use and easy to manage," said Charles Macli, IVCi EVP of sales and marketing. "We accomplish this through a suite of services that are currently being used by clients who range from the largest corporations in the world to small entrepreneurial organizations. These customers experience meeting reliability and ease of use that exceeds their expectations, and allows them to focus on their core business objectives - instead of the enabling technology. As a result, video conferencing usage increases, and our clients significantly improve their ROI. Telepresence is changing the way individuals and businesses collaborate, and IVCi is proud to apply our portfolio of managed services to the extraordinary telepresence and video conferencing solutions offered by TANDBERG." End of article.

For additional information regarding IVCi's Managed Conferencing Services and TANDBERG video conferencing solutions call 1-800-224-7083, or click here to have an IVCi Representative contact you.

IRS Form 4562-FY Section 179 Depreciation and Amortization.

Bonus Depreciation Deadline Extended for Technology Purchases

The government has good news for those purchasing new video conferencing equipment in 2009. The economic stimulus package that allows bonus depreciation for projects completed this year has been extended until December 31, 2009.

Please see some of the details of the Economic Stimulus Act below, and make sure to check with your finance department or accountant to see how these tax laws can benefit your business.

The Economic Stimulus Act signed by President Bush on February 13, 2008 helps businesses in two ways. It gives companies a 50% bonus deduction on shorter life property placed in service in 2008. And it increases - to $250,000 from $128,000 in 2008 - the section 179 limit on expenses that small businesses can deduct from annual income, with a total cap of $800,000.

Bonus depreciation allows taxpayers to take a deduction of 50% of all property placed in service with a class life of 20-years or less. The remaining basis for the shorter life property gets depreciated over the applicable MACRS recovery period. For every $1 million of 5-year property, the deduction will be approximately $600,000 in the first year.

Bonus Depreciation Qualifications:

To qualify for bonus depreciation in the first year, several criteria must first be met:

  • Depreciable property will qualify if the original use of the property commences with the taxpayer after December 31, 2007 and before January 1, 2009 but only if no written binding contract for the acquisition of the property was in effect before December 31, 2007.
  • Qualifying property is MACRS property that has a recovery period of twenty years or less.
  • It may not be property that is required to be depreciated under the alternative depreciation system of section 168.

From the IRS Web Site:

In addition to providing stimulus payments to individuals, the Economic Stimulus Act of 2008 provides incentives to businesses. These incentives include a special 50-percent depreciation allowance for 2008 purchases and an increase in the small business expensing limitation for tax years beginning in 2008.

50-Percent Special Depreciation Allowance

Depreciation is an income tax deduction that allows a taxpayer to recover the cost or other basis of certain property over several years. It is an annual allowance for the wear and tear, deterioration or obsolescence of the property.

Under the new law, a taxpayer is entitled to depreciate 50 percent of the adjusted basis of certain qualified property during the year that the property is placed in service. This is similar to the special depreciation allowance was previously available for certain property placed in service generally before Jan. 1, 2005, often referred to as "bonus depreciation." To qualify for the 50 percent special depreciation allowance under the new law, the property must be placed in service after Dec. 31, 2007, but generally before Jan. 1, 2009.

To reflect the new 50-percent special depreciation allowance, the IRS developed a new version of the depreciation and amortization form for fiscal year filers. The new form is designated as the 2007 Form 4562-FY and is available here.

New Depreciation Limits on Business Vehicles

The total depreciation deduction, including the section 179 deduction, a business can take for a passenger automobile, which is not a truck or van, used in the business and first placed in service in 2008 is $2,960 - $10,960 for automobiles for which the special depreciation allowance applies. The maximum deduction that can be taken for a truck or van used in a business and first placed in service 2008 is $3,160 - $11,160 for trucks or vans for which the special depreciation allowance applies.

Section 179 Expensing

In general, a qualifying taxpayer can elect to treat the cost of certain property as an expense and deduct it in the year the property is placed in service instead of depreciating it over several years. This property is frequently referred to as section 179 property, after the relevant section in the Internal Revenue Code.

Under the new law, a qualifying business can expense up to $250,000 of section 179 property purchased by the taxpayer in a tax year beginning in 2008. Absent this legislation, the 2008 expensing limit for section 179 property would have been $128,000. The $250,000 amount provided under the new law is reduced if the cost of all section 179 property placed in service by the taxpayer during the tax year exceeds $800,000.

The new law does not alter the section 179 limitation imposed on sport utility vehicles, which have an expense limit of $25,000. End of article.

For additional information on maximizing the ROI of your video conferencing solution, call us at 1-800-224-7083, or click here to have an IVCi Representative contact you.

IVCi Customer Testimonial: Westfield Group

Westfield Group logo.

If you can't resist spending the afternoon at your local shopping mall for some retail therapy, you have probably heard of or visited a Westfield Shopping Center. With 55 locations across the US, Westfield Group supplies die hard shoppers with their fix of beloved retail stores.

Westfield has numerous regional and corporate offices in the US, UK, Australia, and New Zealand, so the company implemented a TANDBERG video conferencing solution to facilitate communication across these international locations. Meetings that take place over video include team building, high-level executive board meetings, and quarterly reviews.

Westfield Video Conferencing Administrator Craig Holme chose IVCi to integrate additional TANDBERG video conferencing systems into Westfield conference rooms, and for support on the systems if troubleshooting was required. The equipment IVCi provided included several TANDBERG Edge 95s, TANDBERG 3000 MXPs, and TANDBERG infrastructure products such as gateways, gatekeepers, and border controllers.

"Our video conferencing experience has been more reliable since we switched over to the TANDBERG gatekeepers and gateways," Mr. Holme said. "Our previous system was unstable, so we changed the entire infrastructure to TANDBERG, which has really improved its stability. For the times when we do need assistance we call the IVCi help desk, and we get a response right away - there is no lag time. IVCi is a certified TANDBERG Platinum partner, and the team is very knowledgeable about the TANDBERG product line. Overall we have a very positive impression of IVCi. I would recommend IVCi as a video conferencing integrator, and for service and support — absolutely. " End of article.

For additional information regarding IVCi's complete portfolio of video conferencing solutions call 1-800-224-7083, or click here to have an IVCi Representative contact you.

Polycom Solution Unifies Visual Communication Infrastructure to Help Enterprises Scale Video Services

Roopam Jain, principal analyst of conferencing and collaboration at Frost & Sullivan, discusses how the growth of visual communication is impacting scalability requirements for enterprise networks and how the Polycom DMA 7000 can simplify the deployment and management of broad-scale visual communication networks. End of article.

For additional information regarding Polycom video conferencing solutions call 1-800-224-7083, or click here to have an IVCi Representative contact you.

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