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IVCi Expands Federal Division

IVCi has expanded its Federal video conferencing capabilities.

IVCi recently announced that we have expanded our Federal Division with additional resources and dedicated staff to better serve the visual collaboration needs of the Federal Government.

IVCi has always had a strong footprint within the federal government but with increased initiatives around video conferencing and telework, the time was right to grow the Federal Division further.

IVCi provides custom collaboration solutions to government agencies across the U.S, and specializes in secure and reliable systems and cloud-based services that are tailored to meet specific agency requirements. The IVCi Federal division has been expanded to meet three critical goals:

  • Provide secure, innovative multimedia conferencing solutions that empower Federal agencies to function more efficiently.
  • Support mission critical conferencing and collaboration requirements of government agencies.
  • Improve the technology infrastructure that supports the readiness and response of government agencies.

IVCi is now uniquely positioned to meet these goals because it not only provides the integration of video conferencing and audio visual technology the government requires, but also delivers a managed service that ensures all technical components of each meeting are successful. The new division draws upon IVCi's many years of experience providing collaboration solutions to government and non-government entities of all sizes.

"IVCi is committed to serving the collaboration needs of our government. The expansion of our Federal division ensures we deliver the products and services the Federal government needs to communicate efficiently and securely, reduce costs, and be environmentally friendly. IVCi's subject matter experts are top in the industry and draw upon their extensive knowledge to design the right solution for each agency," said IVCi CEO Bob Swing.

IVCi is experienced in combining, interfacing, and integrating collaborative technologies in the heterogeneous environments that are typical of government agencies. IVCi's subject matter experts utilize state-of-the-art management tools and controls to deliver:

  • Open architecture and standards-based solutions. All of IVCi's video and audio visual solutions are based on open standards that accommodate multi-vendor interoperability and leverage existing network infrastructure. Agencies benefit from efficient integration of video, voice and web capabilities.
  • Solutions that are highly compatible with all networks. IVCi's systems are compatible with any type of network, including IP, ISDN, hybrid IP/ISDN, satellite, and wireless Ethernet. Each agency is assisted with the transition to an IP-centric network, and application consulting and network design services are also available.

IVCi's newly expanded Federal division works with its government clients to help them maximize the return on their technology investment, while minimizing the total cost of ownership.

For additional information on IVCi telepresence, HD video conferencing, and audio visual solutions, please click here, or call 1-800-224-7083 today.

The Vpod V1

Join IVCi and Vpod for a quick tour of the Vpod V1. The Vpod is a self contained video environment that makes it possible to implement video conferencing in any space imaginable. Available in three models, Vpods are free standing, reusable structures that:

  • Provide an immersive "telepresence-like" environment for traditional video conferencing systems.
  • Can be built quickly for immediate deployment.
  • Allow a complete video environment in places you never thought possible (corners of the office, cafeteria, etc.).
  • Meet the RRA requirements for Cisco TelePresence.

For additional information on Vpod, or any of IVCi's telepresence, HD video conferencing, and audio visual solutions, please click here, or call 1-800-224-7083 today.


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