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Video Conferencing in the Classroom
Thursday, May 26, 2005

Today's innovative distance learning tools are designed to take your classroom anywhere in search of quality education and learning opportunities. Attend this session and learn about how your school can start taking advantage of the many benefits of video conferencing.
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Managed Conferencing Services
Find out how you can get a better return on your conferencing investment. Whether it's video, Web conferencing or streaming, you will learn which applications best fit your specific needs.

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Upgrade Your Polycom!
For a limited time, Polycom is offering a rebate to end-user customers who trade in an old Polycom video conferencing unit and purchase an eligible Polycom VSX 7000 or VSX 8000 series product along with a qualified annual maintenance service program. The video conferencing unit being traded in must have been purchased more than one year from the date of the trade-in. Offer shall continue until terminated by Polycom.
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Upgrade Your Video!
Polycom wants your old video conferencing equipment. For a limited time Polycom is offering a rebate to end user customers who trade in an approved video conferencing unit and purchase an eligible Polycom VSX 3000, VSX 7000 or VSX 8000 series product along with a qualified annual maintenance service program. Offer shall continue until terminated by Polycom.
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Sony Rebates!
Trade in Your Old Video Conferencing System!
Trade in your used video conferencing equipment and receive a direct cash rebate by mail of up to $600 on the purchase of a new Sony PCS-1 video conferencing system. Act now as this offer will end soon. Call for additional information: 800-224-7083 ext. 7156.

Surviving the Storm

By Harold German

Natural disasters, like the Tsunami that ripped apart the lives of millions living along the coasts of the Indian Ocean in December of 2004, are a true human tragedy but a harsh fixture of our reality on this planet. Such tragedies incite human interest and outreach from all regions of the world and supportive entities, such as the media and charitable organizations, can always be counted on to address the ensuing demand. While there is rarely ever a shortage of stories focused on the horrors of these types of events, few focus on how people find innovative ways to manage through these ordeals.

Brian Levin's constant brushes with nature are unlike most, and his coping method is uncannily brilliant. Mr. Levin is the coordinator of Telepsychiatry Services of Marlton, NJ-based CFG Health Systems, LLC (www.cfghealthsystems.com), a behavioral healthcare service provider focused on the delivery of quality mental health services. He and his staff manage by using a revolutionary technology known as Telemedicine, which allows medical practitioners to disseminate medical information from one site to another using video conferencing for the health and education of patients, regardless of location. His latest encounter with Mother Nature came in the form of the northeastern blizzard of January 23rd, 2005. The treacherous blizzard was blamed for no less than twenty deaths and incapacitated all airports and mass transit terminals in the North East Mr. Levin's "Telepsychiatry" is a growing methodology generated directly from the tremendous impact and success that Telemedicine has had with medical institutions.

"The most recent snow blizzard caused a local State of Emergency and our patients' critical treatment would have been delayed if it wasn't for Telepsychiatry. We use Telepsychiatry seven days a week, 365 days a year, and regardless of external conditions we are able to provide our patients with the vital care that they need," said Mr. Levin. "Prior to CFG bringing Telepsychiatry to our screening center in Cumberland county, there was no after-hours, face-to-face psychiatric coverage, which is mandatory for a psychiatric commitment. It's a rural and underserved county, and if roads were blocked due to a storm, any patient needing care after hours would be held over until the next morning when the next psychiatrist would come on duty. This meant that patients and their family members had to wait a possible twelve to fourteen hours for medical attention. Fortunately for us, those days are over."

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Demystifying IP Migration for IT Professionals

Demystifying IP Migration for
IT Professionals

The cost savings of IP video conferencing, along with better resolution and easier call setup, are encouraging more companies to switch from ISDN to IP. Internet service providers, who charge a monthly, on-all-the-time usage fee, are reporting significant increases in video conferencing applications for their service. Read this white paper to learn about all of the variables that must be considered in order to cost effectively and efficiently deploy or migrate to an IP network.

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Clock here to explore the world of Sony Video Conferencing

Sony Video Conferencing

Experience the power of Sony video conferencing solutions by viewing this informative video featuring the latest product technologies from Sony.

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State-of-the-art, fully integrated system
The TANDBERG 1000 MXP has state-of-the-art technology in a desktop system that delivers style and performance in equal measure. The TANDBERG 1000 MXP's unique high tech look makes the unit pleasing to the eye. Completely integrated, the system includes an LCD flat screen, codec, camera, microphone and speaker.

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HD Integrator's Video Conferencing Codec
The HD2000 is VCON’s high definition video conferencing engine for integration into a custom multimedia room environment. When combined with external audio mixers, video switches and touch-screen control devices, virtually any rich media communication solution can be created. The HD2000 produces high quality video with extremely low latency and IP conferencing data rates up to 4Mbps.

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Complimentary Video Conferencing Demo
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