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Salt Lake City TANDBERG Seminar
Friday, April 21
Radisson Salt Lake City
215 W. South Temple
Salt Lake City, UT 84101
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Albuquerque TANDBERG Seminar
Tuesday, April 25
1901 University Boulevard NE
Albuquerque, NM 87102
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TANDBERG Management Suite is a powerful software application that puts enterprise control at the core of the network. TMS makes it easy for administrators to keep up with demand for additional endpoints and multipoint calls as well as ensure integration with other collaboration tools. Click here for additional information or call 800-224-7083 x156.

MGC Modules - Polycom Upgrade Program
Polycom wants your old MGC Modules. For a limited time, Polycom is offering a rebate program when you trade in a designated Polycom MGC module and purchase a new higher density module. Offer shall continue until terminated by Polycom. Click here for additional information or call 800-224-7083 x156.

Polycom Rebates: Upgrade Your Video!
Polycom is offering a rebate to end-user customers who trade in an old Polycom video conferencing unit and purchase an eligible Polycom VSX 7000 or 8000 series product with a qualified maintenance plan. Trade in must have been purchased more than one year from the date of the trade-in. Offer good until terminated by Polycom. Click here for additional information or call 800-224-7083 x156.

Codian FREE Demo
and Trial

Codian has made available several MCU 4210 units and an IP VCR 2220 on the public Internet for you to try. Click here for additional information or call 800-224-7083 x156.

Video conferencing etiquettes photo.

More Videoconference Tips: How to Have a Successful Videoconference

From Videoconference.com

Make an Introduction

Always start your videoconference by introducing everyone who is involved in the videoconference. Without this crucial information it will be difficult for everyone to communicate in an efficient manner. Begin any videoconference meeting like you would a normal face to face meeting.

Camera Placement

Place your camera above or near the monitor you will be viewing. Putting the camera above or near the monitor you are viewing makes it appear as you are looking the people who you are videoconferencing with in the eye. Looking away from the camera is distracting and will make others feel as if you are looking away from them or ignoring them. If you are doing desktop videoconferencing with your PC then mount your webcam directly over or near your monitor and then look straight ahead.

Microphone Placement

If you are doing a multi-user videoconference at a table be sure and place the microphone in a place where everyone who speaks can easily have their voice heard. Some videoconference systems can sense who is speaking and will point the video towards this user. In this case make sure everyone is sitting in a place where they can easily be viewed by the video camera.


To show or share documents use a second camera. Don't try to hold your documents up to the camera to show others. It's also a good idea to send documents via FAX or email ahead of time before the conference so everyone has a copy they can view easily without having to look at the video screen.

Technical Problems

Do as much testing as possible and solve all technical problems ahead of the videoconference. If you spend the entire meeting trying to solve your technical problems then your meeting will not be efficient and the other people in the meeting may become annoyed. If possible do a test videoconference the day before the meeting to make sure all your equipment is functioning properly. Don't yell out and tap the microphone when the meeting begins. You should test your audio and video before you ever begin a videoconference.

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IT-Level Security for IP Video Conferencing.

W H I T E   P A P E R

IT-Level Security for IP Video Conferencing

This white paper focuses on the key concepts that IT managers must consider in order to maintain security throughout their enterprise video conferencing environment.

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Polycom scheduling photo.


Scheduling and Managing Conferences: .
The Polycom Way

See how easy it is to schedule and manage your video conferences.

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CIT PVIC photo.

Personal Video Interactive Companion Wireless Video Conferencing System

You can now have the same high quality video conference when and where you want without the conference room, or the wires.

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TANDBERG Public Space Systems photo.

The TANDBERG 3G Gateway provides companies with a secure,reliable solution for face-to-face collaboration via 3G mobile devices anywhere, anytime.

As part of a complete, end-to-end video solution, the TANDBERG 3G Gateway enables 3G mobile users to make calls to any video endpoint, over any kind of protocol via TANDBERG's Expressway firewall traversal. Integrated with the TANDBERG Management Suite (TMS), 3G mobile users can access video directories and seamlessly connect to other video devices.

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Complimentary Video Conferencing Demo
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