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Gas pump photo.

Video Conferencing Usage Fueled by Rising Gas Prices

By Harold German

The first noticeable surge in usage of video conferencing was due to concerns over terrorism. The second was due to concerns over diseases such as SARS. The latest appears to be tied directly to the rising costs of travel, primarily caused by the surging price of gasoline. For the third time in this young century, organizations from various sectors, including education, government, legal and manufacturing, are making the move to video conferencing in droves. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, gasoline is consumed at an alarming rate of 65 billion gallons each year in the United States, and that number is projected to increase by 2.6 percent each year. But with the price for gas soaring, and the impact on all means of travel from automobiles to airplanes, more companies are looking for a more economical way to get from point A to point B for their business meetings. Yet again, video conferencing has become the solution of choice, and as a result, sales are once again soaring at IVCi, a Hauppauge, NY-based conferencing technologies provider.

There are many good reasons why organizations of all sizes are turning to service providers like IVCi for video conferencing solutions. Make that many "green" reasons. Video conferencing is an environmentally-friendly technology with a wide range of benefits for employers, individual employees and the community at large. The employer saves money every year on the organization's travel costs. By bypassing work-related travel, employees can be less stressed and much more productive throughout the year, and the environment is spared from having tons of pollutants released into the air. A company's investment in video technology has a positive effect on both the bottom line (IE: expense control and profits) and the environment.

The Numbers

In-Stat and Wainhouse have come up with some fascinating projections:

According to In-Stat/MDT...

  • The number of remote workers in the United States will reach 51 million by 2008.
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Visual Communication is Green - Environmental Benefits photo.

W H I T E   P A P E R

Visual Communication is Green - Environmental Benefits

Video conferencing is a "green" technology with a wide range of benefits for corporations, individual employees, and the community at large. This white paper discusses the reasons why you should consider the deployment of a video conferencing system.

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TANDBERG high definition video conferencing photo.


High-Definition Video Conferencing from TANDBERG

New high-definition TANDBERG video conferencing solutions from IVCi can help you improve the way you communicate and collaborate.

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3M Digital Wall Display Plus Series

3M Digital Wall Display Plus Series photo.

The 3M Digital Wall Display Plus Series combines: state of the art projection, digital annotation and mouse control, in a remarkably easy, wall-mounted design to maximize communication in the most demanding settings.
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Polycom ReadiManager SE200

Polycom ReadiManager SE200 photo.

The new Polycom ReadiManager SE200 network appliance delivers a full-suite of advanced video/voice conference management functions via a tightly integrated set of applications—gatekeeper, device management, scheduling, and conference management. This software "Management Pack" is built around a common database to facilitate one-time data entry for all manageable entities (such as users, endpoints, MCUs, and other conference or network resources) across all applications.
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