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Law Firm Uses Video Conferencing to Facilitate Bi-Coastal Collaboration

By Nina Parker

The Challenge

A law firm based on the East Coast offers legal counsel to its clients, which range from Fortune 100 companies to high profile celebrities in the fashion, entertainment, and sports industries. The firm has numerous locations throughout the country, including principal offices in New York and Connecticut. A year ago, the firm added a West Coast location with the acquisition of a Los Angeles based law firm.

Due to its recent expansion, the law firm needed a tool that would allow attorneys on opposite coasts to work on lawsuits together. "We needed a video conferencing system that could be used for discussing case strategy, sharing information, and reviewing legal documents," said the Director of Administration and Facilities. "Attorneys needed to be able to discuss their clients' cases without having to travel frequently for face-to-face meetings."

The Solution

The Director of Administration and Facilities contacted industry expert IVCi to design, implement, and support a fully integrated video conferencing solution that would reduce the need for travel, and that would be easy to use. "To be effective in reducing travel, we needed a system that would be very user-friendly - we wanted to be able to push a button and start our meeting," she said.

To accomplish this, IVCi equipped the law firm's Manhattan boardroom with two wall mounted 42 inch plasma screens, a Polycom VSX 7000 video conferencing system that included content sharing capability, flush mounted ceiling speakers, and six wireless boundary microphones. The solution was integrated with a custom designed Crestron GUI (graphical user interface) control panel.

"The law firm needed a video conferencing solution that anyone in the firm could use, so we developed a GUI that was feature rich and simple to navigate," said IVCi's Senior Vice President of Audio Visual Integration, Tim Hennen. "There are three distinct levels of control: the basic level for novice users, an advanced level for the more intermediate/regular users of the system, and an advanced/administrator level for IT professionals. We based this format on a model that has worked well for many of our clients who had similar requirements."

The Results

Although it was just installed in the last year, the law firm's video conferencing solution has already facilitated collaboration between the firm's East Coast and West Coast offices, and it has reduced the need for travel between these sites. "We have been delighted at how many cases we can share with the West Coast over video," The Director of Administration and Facilities said. "The sharing of information is so immediate that it makes better use of the attorneys' time. This is good for the client, because there is less time and money wasted on travel."

The Director of Administration and Facilities said the attorneys have used the content sharing capability to identify whether a signature is a forgery, and to determine whether a product represents a trademark infringement. Also, trusts and estates attorneys have used video to compare the details of various wills.

In addition to being able to share documents, The Director of Administration and Facilities said the attorneys have found that there is value in being able to see the other participants in a meeting. "We speak with people on the phone all the time, but with video we can now put the face to the voice, which makes the meeting more intimate. There is a trust factor that is established when you are able to see someone, and this makes for better teamwork."

The law firm is now not only using video for collaboration, but also for event planning, and human resources presentations. The firm will continue to increase its use of video, foresees The Director of Administration and Facilities. "The system is very user-friendly - we just started having video calls and we'll end up doing more. The meetings are very easy to run, and using the system is actually a lot of fun. It is now being used every day, but we have just touched the tip of the iceberg - we're looking forward to doing more and more with it." End of article.

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