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Video Conferencing in the Classroom
Thursday, 9/15/05
2pm EST (11am PST)

Attend this session to learn about video conferencing solutions that have been created to address the evolving needs of educational institutions.

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2005 Polycom
Annual Conference

This event provides a packed agenda full of information about Polycom products and services. PUG members meet annually at this renowned industry event to discuss industry happenings and product innovations.

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Upgrade Your Polycom!
For a limited time, Polycom is offering a rebate to end-user customers who trade in an old Polycom video conferencing unit and purchase an eligible Polycom VSX 7000 or VSX 8000 series product along with a qualified annual maintenance service program. The video conferencing unit being traded in must have been purchased more than one year from the date of the trade-in. Offer shall continue until terminated by Polycom.
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Upgrade Your Video!
Polycom wants your old video conferencing equipment. For a limited time Polycom is offering a rebate to end user customers who trade in an approved video conferencing unit and purchase an eligible Polycom VSX 3000, VSX 7000 or VSX 8000 series product along with a qualified annual maintenance service program. Offer shall continue until terminated by Polycom.
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Sony Rebates!
Trade in Your Old Video Conferencing System!
Trade in your used video conferencing equipment and receive a direct cash rebate by mail of up to $600 on the purchase of a new Sony PCS-1 video conferencing system. Act now as this offer will end soon. Call for additional information: 800-224-7083 ext. 7156.
Conference calling evolved photo.

Conference Calling Evolved

By Richard Keir, WebPro News

Originally the conference call was limited to businesses paying exorbitant fees to the telcos. For business, it still made sense economically because the costs were less than the travel costs involved in bringing the people together. Additionally, significant time savings are involved, both in terms of travel time and in being able to communicate fairly rapidly to an extended group.

Telcos then extended their market by providing conference calling services to home consumers for an added fee. For some, it made sense to be able to bring a family or group with common interests together easily, usually to plan some physical event. With the expansion of the internet, and in particular, the increasing availability and decreasing pricing for high speed internet access, conference calling has expanded far beyond its original uses.

For business, it remains a vital tool and has, actually, become far more useful as prices fall and the ease of use increases. Real time audio/video conferencing is already in use (and in some organizations has been for quite some time). As the cost of bandwidth decreases and the technology underlying audio-video transmission over networks improves, true real-time video conferencing will increase dramatically.

With the growing sophistication of the typical surfer and the expansion of internet marketing, audio and video have become hot items. Within the internet marketing community, conference calls - usually known as teleseminars, have become a standard feature. Offering the opportunity to reach a large group of interested prospects in a relatively simple and inexpensive format, teleseminars also offer the marketer an opportunity to create an instant product. A recording of a teleseminar can either be sold as a stand-alone product or used as a marketing tool for back-end products.

Marketers are using both free and paid teleseminars. Generally there is a higher level of injected sales content in free teleseminars, but it does vary a great deal. Solutions available now range from the rather expensive to essentially free. Your choice is going to depend on exactly what level of service you require. There are a number of providers which offer an introductory pricing scheme (I've seen it as low as a $1 for the first month), which gives you the opportunity to see firsthand how their service works at a very modest cost. You do need to make sure you understand just how your users will access the conference. Solutions which use telephone call-ins are generally more restrictive and/or expensive than those utilizing an internet connection or VoIP softphone connections.

True real-time audio/video conferencing hasn't arrived yet for most. The bandwidth requirements remain excessive and the quality of the video, in particular, is fairly low. If you ever done live chat with audio and a web camera, you've seen the limitations.

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TANDBERG Management Suite.

W H I T E   P A P E R

TANDBERG TMS and Security

TANDBERG Managements Suite (TMS) is a tool for monitoring, maintaining and booking video conference systems through a web page. Installing such a service can and often will raise some questions from IT administrators on how this will affect the network in terms of security and performance. This document is meant to address the issues that might come up during an integration of TMS in a company's network.

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Nordic Partners


Nordic Partners Successful with
Video Conferencing

Every morning, financial managers around the world meet and discuss time-critical investment opportunities using video conferencing. Opinions get transmitted more effectively. Questions are answered more efficiently. Nordic Partners is more competitive at a lower cost.

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Polycom VSX 5000

Polycom VSX 5000 photo.

Introducing the Polycom VSX 5000, a compact and economical solution for small to medium-sized conference rooms. Video conferencing system offering excellent price performance and flexibility The VSX 5000 is also well-suited for...

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Sony PCS-G50

Sony PCS-G50 photo.

The Sony PCS-G50 is a video conferencing system that achieves high-quality video and audio. Ideal for use in medium-sized conference rooms for a number of applications, such as corporate, education...

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Polycom VSX 7000e

Polycom VSX 7000e photo.

Designed for flexibility, the Polycom VSX 7000e split systems are ideal for medium to large conference rooms where there is a requirement to have the camera and video system separated; for instance, configurations that include plasma or LCD displays or projection screens.

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