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Polycom Introduces RPX!

Polycom, Inc. recently introduced a new class of communication and collaboration solutions designed to further eliminate the barriers of a geographically dispersed workforce by providing a unique and cost-effective immersive and interactive telepresence meeting experience.

Polycom RPX RealPresence Experience solutions are symmetrically designed modular rooms featuring a sensory surround experience resulting from standards-based, TV-like video and near CD voice quality Polycom technology with integrated personal content displays and content sharing capabilities. Using EyeConnect technology and techniques to communicate eye-to-eye, full size and in proportion, Polycom RPX suites makes meeting participants feel they are truly sharing the same table in the same room. The first of its kind, the Polycom RPX solutions are able to seamlessly connect a virtually limitless number of sites and people in other Polycom RPX suites, standards-based video conference rooms, and video-enabled IP telephony and presence based desktop systems. The Polycom RPX solution is an all inclusive package encompassing a free-standing, luxury environment plus electronics.

According to Nemertes Research, geographically dispersed workers are on the rise and leading to a more virtual work environment. Nemertes estimates that the number of virtual workers has increased by 800 percent within the last five years, with between 60 to 70 percent of all employees working in locations different from their supervisors1. The Polycom RPX solutions enhance communication and collaboration among dispersed teams, mobile workers, and telecommuters, enabling faster decision-making, higher productivity, enhanced relationships, and improved knowledge access and transfer.

“Walking into a Polycom RPX suite is like being instantly transported to another location. With our EyeConnect techniques and technology, you are able to see and interact with coworkers, customers and partners in other locations, as if you are in the same room," said Craig Lynar, vice president of solutions marketing at Polycom. "This seamless communication experience is ideal for improving working relationships and enhancing overall productivity among teams, as well as with important customers and partners. With a Polycom RPX solution, customers get the advantage of proven and open technology that can integrate with any standards-based video system. Polycom RPX is simply the most realistic meeting experience you can have between virtual workgroups.”

The Most Life-Like Meeting Experience Available

The “same room” meeting experience is made possible through symmetrically designed, fully equipped rooms in each location. The stylish, elegant rooms feature professionally designed lighting and sound systems with furniture and décor all designed to enable an immersive experience where everyone can always be seen and heard. Built-in large rear-projection displays deliver a life-like appearance including virtually all of a participant's peripheral vision, enabling them to become "immersed" and fully engaged in the experience. Communication is natural with all cameras and microphones hidden and breakthrough EyeConnect technology and techniques enables people to look directly into the eyes of others when speaking for more natural conversations. Each chair in the room is positioned for optimal visual and audio experience and has seamless multimedia functionality for sharing content from a laptop.

High Quality Voice, Video and Multimedia Content Sharing

The Polycom video communication and collaboration technology behind the solutions provides clear, near broadcast-quality video, near CD-quality audio and integrated, high-resolution data sharing for all types of multimedia content. The rooms deliver professional voice and video quality through ceiling-mounted microphones; high-quality cameras, large rear-projection displays; and a high-fidelity speaker system that produces deep, rich sound.

Unmatched Scalability and Calling Flexibility

Polycom RPX solutions have unmatched multipoint capability, which enables multiple locations to be joined in the same meeting in life-like proportions. Polycom RPX solutions can support up to 36 separate locations in continuous presence mode with a standards-based conference bridge. Because the Polycom RPX video communication and collaboration technology is based on industry standards, a Polycom RPX room can call any standards-based video communication solution and enjoy high-quality video communication with integrated content sharing.

Six Modular Configuration Options Meet Specific Customer Needs

Polycom RPX solutions are available in different configurations to accommodate specific customer needs and can support from four to 28 people in a room. The complete Polycom RPX room solutions encompass all required components including 15 inch and built-in personal content displays and Internet connections, the tables/desks and chairs, prefabricated front and rear walls with eight or 16 foot integrated displays with company branding, all required communication and collaboration systems, lighting and carpet. The solutions are modular, enabling companies to move them to a different meeting area, should the design of the building change, or to a new building if a customer changes locations.

Pricing and Availability

Polycom RPX solutions are available for order today in North America through IVCi ( Complete room solution pricing starts at US$249,000 for a Polycom RPX 204.


(1) Statistics from: "The Virtual Workplace: Leverage Real-Time Communications in the Enterprise," Nemertes Research 2005

Source: Polycom


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