IVCi Announces New Audio and Web Conferencing Services

Interview with Mark Weingarten, AVP of Customer Service and Operations

Mark Weingarten,  Assistant Vice President of Customer Service and Operations, IVCi LLC.

By Nina Parker

Q. What should our customers know about IVCi's new audio and Web conferencing services?
A. This is an exciting new offering because we are providing our customers a one-stop shop for all of their conferencing needs. Our clients can now expect the same level of reliability from their audio and Web conferences as they experience with their video conferences; they will have the full support of the experienced IVCi team to make sure each call is successful. In addition, our new Web conferencing services will allow customers to quickly and easily share their PC with other meeting participants. What a great way to collaborate!

Q. Why do customers need to manage their audio calls?
A. Very often when audio is part of an IVCi video conference, it is either not managed at all, or it is managed by another service provider. When either is the case, IVCi cannot ensure the complete success of the conference. Since most of our video calls have an audio component, we needed to find a solution that would connect the two products seamlessly - and by managing the audio we are now able to do that. We can disconnect and mute participants whenever needed, and reconnect anyone that drops off. As a single provider, we monitor all aspects of the call, and in this way make sure it is successful.

Q. Is the audio conferencing service easy for anyone to use?
A. Absolutely. IVCi handles all aspects of the audio call when it is integrated with video. We supply users with a participant code that is unique to their account, and all they have to do is dial in. There is also a feature called 'click to call' that lets a user click on a link and go into a browser page, which will allow the system to call them. This makes it easy for users who find it tedious to enter 20 digits when making a call. This is especially useful for attendees that might be commuting. There is nothing more frustrating than trying to type all those digits in when you are supposed to be "hands free" and watching the road.
We also recommend IVCi's audio conferencing service for those customers who are not using video. Meeting participants simply just use the participant and host codes to conduct audio calls, then use the service the same way they would with their current provider. If they want more functionality, they can use their browser and control the call themselves. When the conferences have a large number of participants, we can manage the call as an event, which means an operator connects everyone and stays on the call throughout, guaranteeing a successful experience for all.
I should also note that all of these services are very competitively priced. I'm not a sales-person but I thought I would throw that in.

Q. What are IVCi's new Web services?
A. IVCi is introducing two Web services which allow clients to easily share their PCs with others. They are a great way to collaborate on a document or share a presentation, and can also be used as training tools.
GLANCE is quick and easy utility service that allows users to share their complete desktop. They can share instantly simply by using a browser and an access code. Talk about quick and secure!
PRESENTER is a Web service which allows users to share specific screens, and to control what information is shared. This application allows users to not only give presentations, but hand the baton to another connected attendee who then becomes the presenter. But that's not all. They have the ability to poll participants, upload files and chat all in the same interface. They can also record the session for future use. What a great way to improve productivity.

Best of all, both the audio and Web conferencing services fully interface with Microsoft Outlook so users can easily invite others to meetings, and check the company's internal availability system before booking a meeting. End of article.

For additional information about IVCi's products and services, including audio and Web conferencing, call 1-800-224-7083, or click here to have an IVCi Representative contact you.

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