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  Video Conferencing: You've heard the hype. Now read the facts.
A report by Wainhouse Research The Technology
The video conferencing industry has seen steady progress over the past six years. The equipment available today from the major manufacturers provides audio and video quality, reliability, and feature sets that were merely dreams just a few short years ago. Companies large and small have only just begun to realize the cost savings and communications efficiency that video conferencing can provide. In addition, newer products and services have extended video conferencing into the realm of visual collaboration, enabling users to share data and applications while enjoying the intimacy provided by video.

While interest in video conferencing has been growing steadily, recent terrorist actions have caused an unprecedented increase in both curiosity and usage. Although the fear of flying or simple abhorrence of the long security delays now involved with air travel have been enough for many managers to turn to visual collaboration as an alternative to business travel, the fact remains that a careful consideration of the benefits of video conferencing will lead to a fairly long list of hard and soft benefits. Many of these benefits are easy to quantify, while others are more difficult or obscure.

While the price and performance of video conferencing and visual collaboration tools have improved dramatically, network considerations have remained a major obstacle to some. To date, video conferencing has been deployed almost exclusively on circuit-switched ISDN networks. For conferencing users, ISDN has shown itself to be unreliable, unmanageable, and expensive to use. For these reasons, the prospects of video conferencing over IP are exciting ones. IP is the network that goes everywhere, to every desktop and conference room, is supported by a wide range of management tools, and is understood by enterprise IT professionals.

But for IP to marry well with video services will take the skills of a next-generation conferencing or network service provider. Users will be looking for a partner who can deliver both the raw network performance and the enhanced quality of service benefits needed for video, who understands the unique needs of video-based services, and who can deliver the bridging, gateway, scheduling, and reservation services that play a key role in the video conferencing experience. Wainhouse Research believes that new services, such as IVCi's IntelliNet offering, represent the future of the conferencing industry through the promise of delivering superior and reliable performance at ever decreasing costs.

The Benefits
Video conferencing has been viewed traditionally as a substitute for travel. We believe a major reason for this limited focus is that it is relatively easy to quantify the costs of video conferencing equipment and services as well as to document the cold hard costs of travel. Comparing these two hard numbers has often been enough to justify the investment in conferencing. However, we also believe that in today's business climate, organizations should take a more enlightened view of the true costs of travel as well as the wide variety of benefits that can be realized through the adoption of conferencing throughout the enterprise.

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  Hot New Products
ClearOne Max Wireless
The new MAX WIRELESS offers superior ClearOne quality in a portable, wireless unit. Simply plug in the base and use the phone in any room within signal range. The wireless design creates a clean look, removing the wires and cords that can be tripped on or run over with chairs.
Titan Monitor Cart
Titan Monitor Carts offer the perfect blend of heavy-duty construction and professional style. With 12- and 14-gauge steel support tops and scratch-resistant coatings, the Titan Monitor Carts are built to handle rigorous use and withstand the wear and tear that can quickly make low-quality carts unusable.

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